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by Jeremy Rupke on August 17, 2012

Congratulations to the Chillihitzia family and the Bieda family. My initial plan was to pay for one child’s hockey registration but I had so many applicants for the grant that I found it extremely difficult to choose just one person. After reviewing all the applications I narrowed it down to about 5 people who could really use the money. I couldn’t choose just one so I decided to live on a tight budget so I could afford to give away two $400 grants. Of the 5 people who made the short list I chose two at random to receive the grant. Thank you to everyone who entered and be sure to apply for the other grants linked below!

As a hockey player I know how much of an impact hockey had on my life and I want to help others share the same experience. I make a bit of money on this site from advertising and selling my stickhandling guide and I want to give back to the hockey community. I have made a habit of donating a bit here and there to hockey charities like the Canadian Tire jump start foundation and donating hockey sticks to toy drives, but this year I want to help pay for hockey registration.

I will be giving away a $400 grant to pay for (or help pay for) a child’s hockey registration.

To apply for the grant simply send an email to hockeygrant@howtohockey.com and include the following information

  • Your name:
  • Your address:
  • Name of child you think should receive the grant:
  • Why this child needs the grant:
  • Age of child:

If you know a child who wants to play hockey, but can not afford to play you can recommend them, or send this link to their parents and have them apply

Send information to hockeygrant@howtohockey.com

The grant recipient will be picked on September 1st and notified shortly after

Other Hockey Grant Opportunities

As I can only give one grant I thought I would also recommend applying to the following hockey grant programs

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