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How to Skate (for Hockey Players)

I am happy to present our newest video series that will teach you how to skate. These videos are specifically for hockey players. Hockey players will skate differently than figure skaters and public skaters. In hockey we want speed, power and agility. I will be posting new videos every week until ...


Defensemens Guide to the Pinch

when to pinch in hockey

Thanks to Ken for this great post about how to pinch, a great read for any Defensemen! - Jeremy Sorry for the hiatus everyone summer is a busy time but now its hockey season again and time for some more articles. This article will be dealing with a Russian roulette of defense, the pinch. When ...


Hockey – The Mental game

Hockey players cheerig

Wayne Gretzky is known as one of the greatest hockey players of all time, not only for his incredible skill, but also because of his Hockey IQ. Some people refer to hockey as chess on ice and to quote Lowell Cohn - "Some guys play hockey. Gretzky plays 40 mph chess." A great hockey player should be ...


When the Ice Melts, Play Street Hockey

While a number of sports provide excellent cross-training for hockey during the off-season, hardcore players won't be willing to give up their favorite game just because of the melting ice.  For those who find traveling to the local rink may inconvenient or costly, street hockey can be a great way ...


How to Take a Slapshot

Slapshot tips

How to Take a Slapshot Slap shots are very easy to learn yet hard to master. A lot of people feel that blasting a puck as hard as humanly possible qualifies as a great shot. Slap shots are just as much about accuracy as they are about power. In this article we have two videos, this first ...


Defense: Improve your two on One skills

Defensive Orientation - Two on Ones When dealing with a 2 on 1 a defensemen must remember several key points. Your goalies skill and preference As a player you should know your goalies ability. If your goalie is confident and easily stops shots coming from an angle, this will help you ...