Slapshot Challenge Winners

slapshot challenge winners

by Jeremy Rupke on November 23, 2010

Hey guys, the slapshot challenge is over and now it is time to pick the winners. This was the first contest I ever tried to run so there are some things I would change, but the real goal was to challenge myself to improve, and hopefully encourage others to challenge themselves. The real prize is a better shot, learning a life-long skill and scoring more goals, but there are also some prizes for those who participated in the challenge.

First Prize

The first prize winner is Michael from Michigan, he was following the articles and posted this video. His slapshot looks pretty good and he improved quite a bit. Check out his video below

The first prize is an extreme passing kit and a Green Biscuit from

Second Prize

The second prize goes to Caelan from Manitoba. Caelan joined very early in the slapshot challenge and worked very hard to improve his shot. Unfortunately he did not have access to a video camera, but he did include some pictures of him working on his slapshot.

The second prize is a pro sized hockey shooting pad and a Green Biscuit from

Third Prize

The third prize goes to Patrick from New Mexico. Patrick is a fan on our Facebook page and was always working on his shot. Patrick even bought a radar gun to help clock his speed and improve his power. Watch Partick’s video and he shares a few tips that helped him improve.
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