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Best Gifts for Hockey Players – 2015 Edition

christmast list hockey players

Every year I make a new list with the best gifts for hockey players, this year I have a lot of new ideas for your hockey player! Check out the 2014 and 2013 editions for some more ideas and our best stocking stuffers for hockey players list.


awesome-backyard-rinkEvery hockey player wants to play MORE hockey. The problem is it’s tough to play at home, unless you have your own hockey rink!

A backyard rink

This is the ultimate gift (if you live far enough North). It’s every hockey players dream to be able to lace up the skates and play whenever they want. Some of my fondest memories as a kid are on my pond. If you don’t have a pond get a backyard rink

Where to buy: Build your ownHockeyShot NiceRink IronSleek

NHL 16

nhl-16Not everyone has the room or money for a backyard rink (I have some alternatives in the next section though) so if you have a hockey player who just wants to play all the time, maybe NHL 16 will scratch the itch.

Where to buy: A local store – Amazon -> for Playstation or for Xbox

If you want to do something completely crazy you could always pick up a retro SNES and a classic like NHL 94, or go even more retro and get a NES and Blades of Steel!


A Stick / Gear Rack


At only $19.99 and free shipping this one is a no brainer for the unorganized hockey player in your life. I know I could use a few of these! If your hockey player has sticks and gear littering the garage this is a great solution.

Where to buy: $19.99 on Amazon

Synthetic Ice

synthetic-ice-reviewIf you’re not lucky enough to live in freezing cold temperatures there are alternatives, if you’ve got the money and space synthetic ice is a good option. A few tips, keep it clean (no shoes allowed), and sharpen your skates after each use (skating on it dulls the skates pretty quickly)

Where to buy: HockeyShot – Click the image to watch my review

A SlideBoard + Shooting pad combo

Another option is a slideboard. This is more affordable than the Synthetic ice, and takes up a lot less space. If you combine a slideboard with a shooting pad you can come up with all kinds of fun shooting, stickhandling and skating exercises

View post on imgur.com

Where to Buy: HockeyShot Slideboard (can also get the shooting pad)- Amazon

Sharpen Your Skates at Home

Yes you’ve read that correctly. Soon you will be able to sharpen hockey skates at home! I did a full review on the Sparx and tested it out on the ice. The machine sharpened my skate as well as a sharpening at a good skate shop. It was very consistent with great edges. sparx-skate-sharpener Where to buy: You can pre-order at Sparx Hockey watch-at-home Playing hockey is not enough, we also want to watch hockey. If you can deal with your hockey player watching EVEN MORE hockey games (or he’s not getting enough at the moment) NHL gamecenter is a great solution.

Rocke’em Sock’em

rockem-sockem-27-don-cherryThis one is a personal favourite of mine, and a fond part of my childhood. I looked forward to watching these every Christmas. These are best sellers every year in the hockey world and I own every one!. The cool thing is you can own every copy as well. The box set on the far right has EVERY year of Rocke’em Sock’em from 1989 – 2013. Rockem Sockem 27 is all the best hits, goals, dangles, and saves from last year.

Where to buy Rock’em Sock’em 27: Local stores where available – Amazon.ca or Amazon.com Where to buy the box set: Amazon.ca or Amazon.com

A Custom Hockey Chair

custom-hockey-chair Watching hockey is great, but what about watching from your own custom chair! The guys over at My Custom Sports Chair hooked me up with this beauty! It’s got my Hockey Movement logo, name and hockey number with jersey. You can have them custom designed however you’d like! Custom orders take a while so order well ahead of time!

Where to Buy: My Custom Sports Chair play-good-hockey christmas-gifts-hockey-playersProbably the most exciting gift for a hockey player to open at Christmas time is a new piece of hockey equipment. New sticks and skates are particularly exciting. The only problem is, some hockey players can be very picky, especially for sticks you need the right handedness, flex, curve pattern, and grip. The easiest gift is probably a gift card at their favourite hockey shop. To make it really easy an online hockey store gift card is a no-brainer! GiftCard Recommendation: Hockey Monkey – A favourite local hockey shop Looking for a deal on Hockey Equipment? – Check out the Hockey Monkey clearance section. If you see a deal you like, get it quick! The good stuff sells quickly around Christmas (also check their homepage for coupon codes!)

Shop from our Sponsors

hockey-gloves-verbero Verbero Hockey – Innovative hockey equipment Verbero is working hard to give hockey players quality gear at affordable prices. They have innovated with an amazing line of gloves, pure carbon fiber hockey skates, and possibly the most exciting product a wood / carbon fiber hybrid stick! Where to buy: Verbero website

Colt Hockey – A stick coated in Nano Steel to make it extra durable! colt-gen-2-stick-coupon-code Where to Buy: Colt Hockey website

Raven Hockey – The best sticks for kids under 110 pounds, made with the right size and flex kids-hockey-sticksWhere to Buy: only available in stores, visit their website for locations look-good-hockey Hockey players love to wear their passion on their sleeve, literally. There are some great hockey apparel company’s out there that make designer hockey apparel. Pick up some shirts, hoodies, and a hat and your hockey player will be looking good, and showing off their love for hockey best-hockey-shirts Recommended Hockey Apparel Stores

Jerseys and Team Apparel

maple-leafs-apparelI’m a Leafs fan, get me anything with a Toronto Maple Leafs logo on it and I’m happy. Seriously, Maple Leafs pajamas, bath robe, towel, water bottle, slippers, toque… you get the idea. If you have a die hard fan in your life, just get them something, ANYTHING with their teams logo on it and they will be a happy camper.

Where to Buy: Everything in the picture to the right was found using the search Toronto Maple Leafs on (direct link to search term) Amazon.com and Amazon.ca (modify your search for your team or search the NHL Shop have-fun Hockey is all about having fun! The products I list below are great for keeping the fun going, on the ice and off

Glowing Hockey Pucks

comet-hockey-puck If you play outdoor hockey you know the hardships of daylight savings time. Everyone gathers at the rink at 4:30 and it’s nearly dark by 5:30. Some rinks at least have a few lights up, but even then it can be hard to see the puck. That’s where the Comet Pucks come in handy. These pucks GLOW! This is a great way to keep the outdoor game going long after the sun sets

Where to Buy: Comet Pucks Website

Mini Stick Set

best-mini-stick-netKids LOVE mini sticks. I’ve never seen such pure, absolute, and unadulterated fun as when I see kids getting into a good game of mini sticks. As a kid I played in hallways, and wide open spaces, but never with nets or boards. Well… Now you can get full mini stick net sets, some even have targets!

Where to buy: Great selection on Amazon.com or Amazon.ca  

The Extreme Passer Pro


Rebounder, synthetic ice, and dangler from Hockey Shot <a rel=”noreferrer nofollow” target=”_blank” href=”http://goo.gl/U04IGv”>http://goo.gl/U04IGv</a>

This thing is really cool, I mean, REALLY cool. You can put it anywhere (on ice or off ice), it has two sides that rebound the puck to you, and you can use it to improve stickhandling, passing and shooting (one timers anyone!)

This is the perfect Christmas gift for any hockey player that already spends time practicing shooting and stickhandling as it will give them even more things to work on and improve.

Where to buy: Extreme Passer pro on HockeyShot


If you have a hockey player that always wants to learn more about how to play and improve, but is only on the ice once or twice a week I have a few training programs that they can use for extra coaching at home.

stickhandling-guide-smallStickhandling – My complete guide to stickhandling is for the beginner to intermediate player who has never really been taught the fundamentals of stickhandling. It includes an e-book, a half hour off ice stickhandling video and a half hour on-ice training video


insipe-smallShooting – The iSnipe app that helps hockey players track their shots, while also training them. There are 16 shooting videos, and two features to challenge quick release and accuracy.


goalie-buster-smallBreakaways and Scoring  – The Goalie Buster Training course offers over 2 hours of detailed videos on how to beat the goalie. We cover moves that can be used from every angle, when to shoot, when to deke, and which dekes work best in each situation.


turks-snipersNHL level coaching – Turks Snipers    is an online shooting progression developed by myself, and NHL level shooting instructor Tim Turk. There is a new video every 3 weeks, as well as drills and bonus footage to help any hockey player improve their shot and learn the same thing NHL players are taught.



As a coach I love reading any book that can help me better teach others. Some of my favourite coaching books aren’t even based on hockey. I also enjoy reading biographies of former pro’s. Below are some of my favourites and some fan favourites.

What would a Christmas list be without PRIZES!


Click this obnoxiously big share button for your chance to win hockey t-shirts, training aids, wax, tape, targets, nets, pass rebounders, radar guns, and the list goes on! We’re picking people who have shared at random so check your Facebook inbox, you might get a surprise!


Top 10 gift ideas for hockey players – 2014 edition

christmast list hockey players

We just added our Hockey players gift guide for 2015

Enter to win some of the gifts

We are giving away some of the gift ideas shown below. To enter, simply share this post on Facebook or Twitter and then enter the contest box at the bottom of this post. (even if you don’t win, sharing this post increases the chance your friends will buy you cool stuff!)
header-blank-hockey In no particular order, here is our list! new-equipmentskate-and-stick-christmasThis one is a no-brainer. The obvious choice here is a new hockey stick, but if you really know your player you may be able to surprise them with something else. (Skates, gloves, or maybe replace that gross old jock) Check out Hockey Monkey, Total Hockey or Pure Hockey for some good online deals!

The foolproof gift for a hockey player

If you’re not sure what to get, no problem, you can’t go wrong with a gift card. A gift card lets your hockey player pick whatever they want, they’ll be in heaven! I recommend a gift card from Hockey Monkey for anyone in the USA, and from a local hockey store for anyone in Canada.

The Colt Hockey Stick


If you’re looking for a stick check out Colt Hockey, they are working to design the most durable hockey stick out there and you can save $20 with coupon code HOWTOHOCKEY. Check out Colt Hockey to see their stickstickets-to-hockey-game hockey-ticketsYou can really surprise them with tickets to the game. The great news is, you get to go too! You can snap up some good deals on StubHub.com

If that special person on your list is a Leafs fan and tickets cost $300 each, why not do something a little crazy. Book two flights to Florida when the Leafs play the Panthers and get your tickets for $20 each!practice-at-homemust-have-gear-hockeyAs a kid, all I wanted to do was practice at home. As an adult, I still enjoy ripping some shots beside the garage and working on the dangles from time to time. So what does EVERY hockey player need? My suggestions are simple:

  • a net – The EZ Goal is good for shots under 65 MPH
  • a shooting pad – (Pro sized, or roll up recommended)
  • and some pucks

What about some fun products

  • The Green Biscuit (the puck that slides anywhere!)
  • A radar gun (the SpeedTrac and HockeyShot models work well, with the SpeedTrac being a bit more consistent)
  • A pass rebounder ( work on passing, shooting, and one-timers)

I’ve put together a video mentioning some of the must have training aids for shooting. Check out the video on stickhandling products as well

Any of the above should give a hockey player hours and hours of enjoyment and help improve their skills team-gear maple-leafs-christmas-gift-packPersonally, I’m a Leafs fan. If you get me ANYTHING with a Toronto Maple Leafs logo, I’ll be happy. A hat, shirt, pajama pants, slippers, coffee mug, etc. Any die hard fan probably feels the same about their team.

Some ideas

Where to shop – Amazon.com or Amazon.ca for Canadians is a good start (all items pictured are from Amazon.ca), they usually have free shipping and good selection. more-hockeybackyard-rink-christmasEvery hockey player wants to play more hockey! This isn’t always easy, but here are a few ideas

hockey-highlightsdon-cherry-rockem-sockem-26Sure we can watch highlights on YouTube, but it’s tough to find good edits and compilations. If you want to give an entire years worth of highlights get them Rock’em Sock’em 26. This years latest release from Don Cherry.

Better yet, get them 25 years worth of hockey highlights by picking up the Rock’em Sock’em box set (Don Cherry has been doing these tapes since 1988 and you can own them all.

You can buy: BOX SET On Amazon.ca for $49.99 and free shipping OR Amazon.com for $71.99 (sorry USA, the one time something is MORE expensive in the states) hockey-clotheshockey-shirts-christmas-2014We’re a little obsessed. We want everyone to know we play hockey, and what better way to do that than with some sweet hockey threads.

There are a few different hockey apparel companies including Sauce Hockey and Gongshow hockey, but I really like Scrappers Hockey. (and they designed the hockey movement logo!) hockey-accessorieshockey-stocking-stuffers-2014There are some things that every single hockey player needs. They aren’t expensive, and it’s an easy item to pick up.

A few items include

  • Hockey Tape (cloth, and clear)
  • Hockey pucks
  • Skate laces (great to have as backup in case laces break just before a game)
  • Check out some ideas for stocking stuffers as well
  • For top quality wax and tape check out ProFormance Hockey wax

 The Comet Hockey Puck


I’ve just found out about this puck, and it looks like it could be a lot of fun for outdoor hockey (it does get dark pretty early)

The Comet puck lights up and makes it very easy to see in low light. I will be testing this puck out very soon, but in the mean time if you’d like to order you can do so below

order your pucks here

awesome-hockey-gift puck-passer-proThese recommendations are a little on the expensive side, but if you’ve got the money they would make a hockey player very happy!

The Puck Passer Pro launches pucks at you. This is great for the player who wants to practice passing, shooting, one timers and more. When there is a machine sending pucks at you, you can get pretty creative.

Retails for $1495 on PPP website, or HockeyShot synthetic-ice Synthetic ice is a plastic that you can actually skate on! put this in your garage, or basement and you can play hockey any time you want! I am actually putting this in my garage at the moment. I already have it all laid out, and now I am building dasher boards (Yes I’m lucky ) – Check it out on HockeyShot more-skill skill-like-crosbyEvery player dreams of having skill like Crosby, a slapshot like Chara, or silky hands like Pavel Datsyuk. In order to improve, players need to be taught, motivated, and inspired. I’ve created two training courses for hockey players to help them improve. Yes this is a shameless plug for my training courses, HOWEVER I have received countless emails and messages from players who have used these courses to improve, so of course I would like you to purchase them for your hockey player and help them improve. Both courses are delivered digitally, simply create an account after purchasing to access the training videos and e-books.

The complete guide to stickhandling

stickhandling-guideThis guide is everything a hockey player needs to know to go from a beginner to a confident player with the puck. This comprehensive guide covers technique, common mistakes, and how to have complete control of the puck in any situation. I also include multiple drills as well as a half hour off-ice training video, and a half hour on-ice video where I answer the most common stickhandling questions and show a number of drills.

Create an account to access the e-book and training videos here

The Goalie Buster video training series (buy both together to save)

This is for every player who wants to have sweet shootout moves, and score every time on the breakaway. In this video series I teach every single move out there (I watched NHL shootout moves for about 6 hours straight to make sure I covered them all). NHL examples of each move are shown, I then break down how to do each move on the ice, and show me trying the moves on different goalies. Every move is categorized so the player knows when to use the move. I also teach when to shoot, and how to read the goalie. I have gotten great feedback from players ranging from house league, Junior A, AAA and Men’s league

Create an account to access the Goalie Buster series here (you can get a discount here if you buy the stickhandling guide and Goalie buster series together)


gordie-howe-book-canadaWhenever I have some downtime you can find me reading hockey books! Here are a few suggestions I have, most of the books I have read are coaching books however I do own most of these recommended books as well.


Also check out our Hockey players gift guide for 2015


The Best Stocking Stuffers for Hockey Players


As a hockey player I felt compelled to write a list of the coolest stocking stuffers for hockey players. I have played hockey since I was 4 years old and there are some things I will never get tired of getting in my stockings. The great things about most of these items is they are affordable and take up some space! Lets get right to it

A Green Biscuit

I have been raving about this puck since the first time I used it, and I have only heard good things about it. The first time I used it I was amazed at how well it slid on rough surfaces, I currently own about 10 of these, I keep a few in my hockey bag, a few in my coaching bag, and a few around the house. I let the kids on my hockey team use them to work on their hands before games. If you don’t know what this is or how it works you can check out my Green Biscuit review.

Where to order: Pick up a few on this page at Hockey Shot.com

Hockey Pucks

This one is a no-brainer. Pucks usually sell for about $1 each, pick up a few and drop them in the stocking. If you don’t have very many pucks you could always get about 50 pucks and give it as a gift, the more pucks the better!

Where to buy: I wouldn’t recommend buying pucks online because of shipping costs, unless you are already buying something else from a hockey store, then just add some pucks as well. Most sports stores will sell them for about $1 each

The PowerFoot

powerfoot-coupon-codeThis is a great stocking stuffer as it’s one of those gifts most hockey players don’t know they need YET. It’s a new product that’s designed to fit in the toe cap of the hockey skate to take up the extra space. The product claims to improve energy transfer and has a lot of testimonials to back it up. Any hockey player finding this in their stocking would find it an interesting and smart gift and would be excited to test it out!

Where to buy:  Shop on the PowerFoot website and use coupon code howtohockey to save 10%

Stickhandling Balls

These are also great to use almost anywhere when you want to work on your dangles, on a smooth surface I still prefer the Green Biscuit, but I still bust out these stickhandling balls from time to time. The wooden balls are VERY affordable and are nice and light, they are perfect for working on quick moves. The Smart Hockey balls are heavier a bit more expensive and are meant to feel just like a puck.

Where to order: Grab them on this page at Hockey Shot

Hockey Tape

I never get tired of getting hockey tape in my stocking. This is something that every kid usually needs, whether it is clear sock tape or tape for the hockey blade. The best part of getting hockey tape in the stocking was using it to tape the new stick I got under the tree!

Where to buy: Pick it up at your local hockey store, lots of cool colors and patterns are available but I find black and white stick the best to the blade.

New Laces

Check out your hockey players skates and see if there are some nicks, rips, or tears in them. The worst feeling when you are pulling those laces tight is having them rip in half just before you should be stepping on the ice.

Where to buy: Pick them up at your local hockey store. There are some cool colours available so get your kids favourite colour or team colours if you see them. Wax laces stay tight but can be annoying to tie and un-tie so make sure you check what type of laces they are before you buy.

The Comet Hockey Puck


I’ve just found out about this puck, and it looks like it could be a lot of fun for outdoor hockey (it does get dark pretty early)

The Comet puck lights up and makes it very easy to see in low light. I will be testing this puck out very soon, but in the mean time if you’d like to order you can do so below

order your pucks here

The Lit Biscuit

I thought this was kind of a dumb idea when I first saw it online, but when I got one to do a review of I realized it’s actually pretty cool. This puck has a light inside of it with windows on the top, bottom, and sides. It lights up great in the dark and is perfect for those of us who live in cold climates where it gets dark at 5:30pm. I can’t count how many pucks I lost trying to play hockey outside in the dark, this puck would be a lot of fun on those dark winter nights.

Where to order: They sell for $18 on Hockey Shot

The Magic Stick

I bought one of these about 5 years ago and it has saved me and my friends so many times. I (or someone on my team) use this on a regular basis. It is similar to having a stone for your skates, but it work’s 10 times better, it practically sharpens your skates for you. All you do is run it down your blade about 3 times and it takes off all the burs and puts a bit of an edge on. If you do it more than 3 times your skates will feel too sharp and you will need to slide back and forth a few times take the bite off. Check out the reviews on Amazon, 3 reviews, all 5 stars! One suggestion is to tie it to the inside of your bag with a long string so it doesn’t go missing 😉

Where to order: Some pro-shops have them but they have a good price on Amazon.com. Here is a cheap one (Link for Canadians) and this is the one I own and love (similar one on Amazon.ca)

Hockey Cards

I used to collect hockey cards when I was a kid so I always liked getting a few packs in my stockings. It was like a gift you can open twice, once when you get it in the stocking, and then you get to open the pack and see what players you got. If your kid is into hockey cards toss a few packs in their stocking

Where to buy: You can order packs online, and some convenient stores and big box stores in Canada have them.

Mini Sticks

As a kid the best workout I would get was during a good competitive game of mini sticks! I would go hard when playing mini sticks and some passions never die. While coaching an atom team last year I saw every kid on the team play mini sticks for a few hours at the hotel. The parent’s were worried they would use up all their energy before the real hockey game. Mini sticks are cheap and a lot of fun.

Where to buy: Most dollar stores in Canada have mini sticks for $1 each and mini stick balls $1 as well. If you want to go all-out you can get a full mini-sticks set with goalie sticks, mini sticks, balls and two mini hockey nets! It sells for $39.95 on Hockey Shot

Old Spice Body Wash

Everyone know’s that some guys can get pretty funky smelling after hockey, my hands used to stink even after showering. Believe it or not the other night my girlfriend smelled me after hockey and said MMMmmm hockey smell (she meant it in a good way), the reason, I have been using Old Spice body wash after and she loves the smell! The only deodorant I use is Old Spice, I’ve had people tell me they love my cologne and it’s just my Old Spice. If your man (or kids) play hockey drop a bottle of Old Spice body wash in their stocking and they can keep it in their bag so they can always smell girlfriend approved after hockey

Where to buy: Big box stores like Wal-Mart have old spice gift packs on sale around Christmas, if you just want the bottle just head to the body wash section


A Nice Warm Toque

Nothing beats a good game of outdoor hockey, I spent hours on my pond and at the local outdoor rink. I still remember a nice warm Toronto Maple Leafs toque that my dad bought for me when I was a kid, I would wear that hat and only that hat every time I played hockey on the pond. A warm hat is a great gift because the kids need it, and if the hat has their favourite teams logo on it they will wear it all the time!

Where to Buy: Keep an eye out at your local sports stores and big box stores, for a bigger selection you can browse on Amazon.com (just search for your favourite team!)

Ideas from Our Readers

  • A Mouthguard – This is good for the kids who are using a chewed up, or old and dirty mouthguard. For growing kids these should probably be replaced every year.
  • A repair kit – Great for coaches or for atleast one kid to have in his hockey bag. It comes with a small screw driver and various items you need to repair hockey equipment (great for helmets)
  • Stick wax – Blade butter was recommended by a reader so I have linked to it on Amazon. I have used a product like it and it is very sticky, great for better grip on the puck and it keeps snow from building up on the blade tape.

Let me know if I missed anything and I will add it to the list!