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Easton Stealth RS Hockey Stick Review


Easton sent Ken and I two Easton Stealth RS hockey sticks to review. We got them in the mail the other day and our first ice time is tonight. I thought I would give a sneak peak at the new Easton Stealth RS hockey stick.

If you are looking to buy one – I found the best price online so far is $249 visit this page for the best price

Jeremy’s Stick: Easton Stealth RS, Getzlaf curve, 85 Flex
Ken’s Stick:
Easton Stealth RS, Hall curve, 100 flex

We are going to use the sticks in a few games and then come back and update this review with more feedback.

First Impression

Right when I pulled it out of the box I liked it, the graphics are cool and stay true to the “stealth” theme. The black on black graphics are low-key which is how I like my sticks, but there is still the splash of yellow so the design isn’t too boring.


When I picked the stick up I immediately noticed how light is was I weighed it and it came out at 455 grams which is a full 40 grams lighter than the Winnell GX8 that we reviewed last year.

The shaft had the matte finish which I like much better than the sticky grip that some sticks have. The shape of the shaft feels great in the hand

Technologies worth mentioning

The big one here is the elliptical shape of the lower part of the shaft. The shaft near the blade is tapered which was designed to give shots more “pop”. The elliptical profile should increase the release of snapshots and wristshots and ensure that less energy is lost while shooting.

review of the easton stealth rs hockey stick

Easton Stealth RS Specs

  • Construction:
    • Kevlar® wrapped – For added durability
    • Compression molded – Using thinner layers of material Easton is able to use more layers, giving Easton shafts an unmatched responsiveness and allowing them to stay lively longer
    • High-end carbon fiber construction for an extremely light feel
  • Shaft:
    • TORX™ technology with Elliptical Profile™ – Improved torsional strength for better puck feel and shot accuracy
    • Tuned taper section built with Easton’s Elite Stiffness Profile to pro specs – Offers quick shot release and controlled puck reaction
  • Geometry: Pro inspired shaft dimensions
  • Straight side walls, and rounded corners
  • Shaft dimensions used by most Easton Pro players
  • Grip: Smooth matte finish stick coating
  • Blade:
    • Multi-Core design provides dampening
    • Upper core – Structural honeycomb like material for excellent dampening
    • Lower core – Solid core for improved feel
      • Solid dense lower core keeps the blade in contact with the puck longer resulting great puck control and feel

Easton Stealth RS Video Review

Have you used the Easton Stealth RS? Got a favorite hockey stick? Tell us about it in the comments below.

Check out the Easton Stealth RS for sale here


Winnwell GX8 Hockey Stick Review


Recently I was browsing the stick selection at Source for Sports and I noticed a cool looking stick. I picked it up and immediately noticed how nice it felt, and how light it was. I checked the price tag and was fully expecting to see a $175, to my surprise it was only $99! I compared this to EVERY other stick at this price and none of them compared. I thought this would be a great hockey stick to review for the fans of How To Hockey because I know a lot of you are looking for a high-end stick, without the high price.


I figured since the first thing you notice about a stick is the way it looks, the first thing I will cover in this review is the look of the stick. I’m not one to care about looks, if it’s a good stick I will buy it, although it never hurts to have a cool looking stick, and I think the GX8 is pretty nifty looking. It’s not too flashy like a lot of the sticks, it kind of has a “stealth” look going on, which I dig. You get cool chrome lettering over a big-weave graphite design. Take a look at the video for a close-up look.

They re-did the graphics on the sticks for 2011 so you might see something a bit flashier in the stores. You can see the pictures on the Winnwell site by visiting the Winnwell GX8 page.

Feel of the Stick – Grip and Weightwinnwell GX8 review

When I picked the stick up I immediately liked the feel of it. I’m not a fan of the rubber-like feel that a lot of sticks come with. The GX8 had a cool matte finish, there is still some grip but it doesn’t have that clingy feeling.

The stick only weighs 480 grams, which is much lighter than any other hockey stick under $100

Construction of the stick

The stick is 100% graphite which allows them to keep it under 500 grams. The cheaper sticks on the market usually use a mix of graphite and fiberglass, which makes them heavier, but a bit more durable.

Flexes and Curves

The sticks come in stiff, and regular and whip, although in the store I only saw whip flex in intermediate. For the curves they have  two patterns (161-Nash–more subtle Sakic, 119-Sakic).

Taking the Winnwell GX8 to the rink

Ken and I tested the stick out at the rink. I had the regular flex with the 119 curve and Ken got the stiff flex with the 119 curve (see the video for more). We have been using the stick for the past few months now. The first thing I noticed was how light it was, which makes me feel a bit quicker while stickhandling. I liked the curve, but it took me a few shots before I got used to it as it was a bit different from my last one. You can see us messing around with the stick in the video below

Overall Thoughts

Penalty Box

I can’t really think of anything I didn’t like about the stick. Ken always uses a fairly flat curve pattern so he mentioned it would be nice to have more pattern options.


  • Great overall feel
  • Nice and light, 480 grams – super light for it’s price
  • Affordable price
  • Looks cool (in my opinion)
  • Quick release

Winnwell GX8 Video Review

Where to buy the Winnwell GX8

You can get the GX8 and other Winnwell sticks at Canadian Tire and some Source For Sports stores in Canada. You can also check their store locator for other locations in the US and Canada


QuickStickz Review – Stickhandling Trainer


Update Jan 2011 – A few people who purchased this product had some problems with it. Sunlight will interfere with the camera and cause the on-screen puck to jump around. Please only purchase it if you have a low / no sunlight area in your house. In my video I used a room with no windows.

A while ago I stumbled across the QuickStickz product and website and was very intrigued. For those of you who do not know the QuickStickz is a stickhandling ball with a tracking system that displays on your television. When I saw some videos about it I instantly wanted to test it out so I sent an email to the company. They were very helpful and sent the product out for me to review.

quickstickz review

QuickStickz Overview

What you get – The Quickstickz package comes with one stickhandling ball (with infrared light quickstickzreflectors on it), One webcam / infrared light unit, a quick start guide, and a short USB cable to plug the device into your computer.

What it does – The webcam unit plugs into your computer and then sends out infrared light, this light is reflected by the stickhandling ball and sent back to the webcam unit. The unit then send the information to your computer which gets displayed on your screen. When you log into the QuickStickz website there are a number of drills and games you can complete, and you use the stickhandling ball as the controller

Price –The unit sells for $199 and you can get it on the QuickStickz website

QuickStickz Review

Set up – Setting up the QuickStickz was a lot easier than I thought. I figured there would be a CD and drivers and all that jazz, but all you have to do is log onto the QuickStickz site and then download the install program from there. This is a smart idea because it reduces waste, and they can update the program whenever they want.

The installation process takes about two minutes. Once you have the program installed you can plug in the camera / infrared unit and that’s it. Pick a drill that you want to try, and start stickhandling.

How to play – The system is really easy to use, but you have to be online to play any of the games. quickstickz drillsI talked to the owner of the company and he said that they are considering releasing a cd with some games and drills that people can use when they do not have an internet connection.

To do one of the drills, just log onto the QuickStickz site with your username and password, pick any drill, and go.

Does it work – The system worked fine for me, but I did notice a bit of a lag (it could be because my hands are as fast as lighting, haha :D) When I am just doing simple movement with the ball it was great, but if I was doing some quick stickhandling I noticed a bit of delay, it was not a huge problem though because it still registered each movement and I was able to hit the targets.

Overall Thoughts

Penalty box – There were a few things I wasn’t to keen about, so I will assess a few penalties here. The first one is the price, $200 is fairly steep, I am sure it would cost quite a bit to develop and produce the product, but it would still be nice to see it come down in price.

The next penalty is for the game-play. There was a bit of lag / delay from when I moved the ball to when the puck moved on the screen. This was not a big issue and I was still able to play the games and drills, but it would be nice to have better motion tracking. I also emailed the QuickStickz company and they said they said that there should not be any delay, so it could be an issue with my computer (or how lightning fast my hands are :D)

Warning: I would ONLY use this product if you have a low light area in your house. If any sunlight hits the IR camera the puck on the screen will jump around. This was an issue for me in the upstairs of my house, but I did not have a problem in my basement in a room away from the windows.

Score Sheet

There are a number of things that I really liked about the QuickStickz

  • Very cool idea / concept
  • A lot of fun to play with
  • Drills and games are very well made with good graphics
  • Drills are designed to teach skills like developing fast twitch muscles, teaching toe-drags, puck control, protecting the puck and more
  • Having the drills on the screen will help teach heads-up hockey
  • Great for beginner players to practice stickhandling at home
  • Will turn slow hands into fast hands!
  • Will provide a lot of motivation to practice stickhandling skills

QuickStickz Video Review

In this video I show you the product, hook it up, and give you a sneak peak at the games and drills that you can do.

Where to Buy the QuickStickz

if you want to buy the QuickStickz and get the 3 month free elite membership then visit the official QuickStickz website.

If you are looking for another review then check out the Quicstickz review on Hockey University.


Roll up Shooting Pad – Extreme Passing Kit Review


This is our review of the Extreme passing kit which you can find for sale on this page

As a hockey player you should always be looking for ways to improve your skills. When I was a kid I would practice my shooting and stickhandling on a regular basis in my parents barn, but the biggest problem was finding a good surface to stickhandle on.

extreme passing kitTrust me, I tried everything, I kept my eyes open for nice smooth surfaces, I used Plexiglas, laminate flooring, particle board, cardboard….everything. Despite my best efforts, the best surface I ever found was $50 at National Sports for a tiny hockey shooting pad. I used it until it turned black, and eventually misplaced it, but I loved it and I actually practiced a lot more because I knew I had a decent surface to stickhandle on, and shoot from.

Now that I am a bit older I want to help other players who may be going through the same thing I am, so that is why I like to review new products and test them out, it gives other hockey players a chance to see what they are like, and if they are worth buying!

The Extreme Passing Kit Review

extreme passing kit - hockey skillpad

The Extreme passing kit is a product by hockey shot that is meant to provide hockey players with a smooth surface for stickhandling and shooting, and also a pass rebounder for players to practice passing and one-timers.

Compared to Other Products

The extreme passing kit is similar to the tape 2 tape, and the hockey skill pad, but cheaper with a larger surface area and not so bulky

Out of the Box

The passing kit comes rolled up in a large box.The box is about 4 feet tall, and a foot wide


The extreme passing kit is 8 feet long and 4 feet wide, giving you plenty of room to line up a bunch of pucks in a row for rapid fire slapshots, or practice a few moves before you test them out on the ice.


You can buy this product for $139.95 on this hockeyshot page you can save $10 if you put in our coupon code HOWHCKY001 that means you get an 8×4 roll up shooting pad, along with a pass rebounder for $129, at that price you get the best value, and you will get a lot more use out of the pad than if you bought a smaller one.

Set-up instructions

You don’t have to do much to start shooting. The “extreme passing kit” is basically just a roll-up shooting pad with a pass re-bounder built into it. The key is to get the passing kit nice and flat before you start practicing. In order to get it really flat I was told it should be laid flat with something heavy on it for a few days.

For my roll-up shooting pad I just put a sheet of plywood on top, and that worked great!

Detailed Review of the Extreme Passing Kit

Hockey skill pad reviewThe kit is pretty simple, like I said before it is a roll-up shooting pad with a pass re-bounder. In the picture to the left you can see the re-bounder. The concept is pretty simple, a bungee cord attached to two posts. Could you make something like that yourself? Yeah probably, but this is done professionally, and it is really solid, so you don’t have to struggle with it to get it to work

The bungee cord posts are attached to the back with a solid steel (I think it is aluminum) backing.

Bungee cord vs elastic band – A lot of puck re-bounders in the past have used elastic bands, the problem with these is that the band tends to break after extended use. The Extreme passing kit uses a bungee cord because they are known to last a lot longer than a simple elastic band.

How does the puck slide?

The puck slides great on the shooting pad, one thing I like about the passing kit is the size. My previous shooting pad was big, but this one is huge! I can actually stand on it and pull a few moves. The puck moves just as well on the roll up shooting pad as it does on a hockey shooting pad, and the dry land hockey training tiles. If you want to get even closer to the on ice feeling I recommend the Green Biscuit, you can even use it on rough surfaces.


Passing is simple, just pass the puck into the bungee cord and it comes back to you. If you have a bad pass (wobbly) the puck will either go over the bungee cord, or come back, but flip over a bit.

If the shooting pad is not nice and flat, the puck will be more likely to roll over the bungee cord and not come back to you. The roll up pad comes rolled up, so to get it flat you should put something heavy around the edges for a few days. I put a sheet of plywood on top and it worked great.


one timer hockeyI had a lot fun of practicing my one-timers with this product. It can’t get any simpler, pass the puck into the bungee cord, wind up, then shoot. I would definitely recommend the extreme passing kit rather than just getting one that attaches to a smaller shooting pad. With a smaller shooting pad you will not have a lot of time to set up.

The roll-up shooting pad / extreme passing kit is 8 feet long, so you have a lot of time to set up the one timer. I think this is important because it allows you to focus on proper form and technique.

You can also move the shooting pad around and practice receiving a one timer from different angles.


This one is a no-brainer, the roll up pad is perfect for shooting. With some of the small hockey shooting pads you will run out of room if you want to do a full wrist shot with a nice big wind-up.

With the extreme passing kit you can use a full wind-up and then some. Slapshots are great, I was hammering them at full force and the shooting pad held up to all my abuse. Another great option is lining up a bunch of pucks all along the pad, being 8 feet long you can put a puck every foot and practice rapid fire slapshots.

Overall Thoughts

In the penalty box

There are only a few things I would like to mention about the extreme passing kit. The first one is that if  you REALLY fire a puck into the bungee cord it will not send the puck back, I don’t see any point in passing them full force into the bungee cord though so that was not really a problem for me.

The next would be if you have ripples in the shooting pad, and then give a hard pass into the bungee cord, the puck may come a bit off the pad and then go over the bungee cord. I only had this problem if I tried using the extreme passing kit right after I un-rolled it. For the best results, just make sure the roll up shooting pad is nice and flat

On the scoreboard

I really like the fact that I can practice stickhandling, passing, shooting, and one-timers all with one product. Here are a few benefits of the roll up shooting pad

hockey tape 2 tape

  • Fairly easy to transport ( a bit of a pain to roll up, use a belt to keep it rolled up) much easier to move than a regular hockey shooting pad of the same size
  • Puck slides great
  • Puck re-bounder works well
  • Lies nice and flat
  • Allows hockey players to practice a number of skills
  • Large area is great for practicing a bunch of different stickhandling moves comfortably
  • Good for practicing the one-timer

If there were a product like this when I was younger I would have bought it in a heartbeat. I am a firm believer in spending money on good products, especially if they will help you better yourself, or improve a skill. Money comes and goes, but when you learn a new skill it will stick with you forever.

Extreme Passing Kit Video Review

In this video we give you a detailed extreme passing kit review. I show you a close up of the product, show you how big it is, how the puck slides, and how the pass rebounder works.

Where to Buy the Extreme Passing Kit

If you want to buy the passing kit then check out the hockey shooting pads on Hockey Shot don’t forget to use our coupon to save $10 HOWHCKY001


Hockey Dryland Training Tile Review

Hockey Training Tile

As a hockey player it is important to practice shooting and stickhandling on a regular basis. The big problem that most hockey players have though is finding a suitable surface to stickhandle and shoot off of.

The biggest problem with shooting and stickhandling on pavement or asphalt is the increased friction. This friction causes the pucks to move slower, and flip all over the place (very annoying). The friction also causes your stick blades to wear out pretty quickly (costs a lot to keep buying blades, or sticks)

Shooting and Stickhandling Surfaces

hockey dryland training tilesA great solution is to find a nice smooth surface to shoot and stickhandle on. I have tried a lot of alternatives, but I find each cheap alternative will have a downfall in one way or another. I think that if you are serious about improving your shooting and stickhandling it is important to find a good surface to practice on.

One product that we have reviewed in the past was the hockey shooting pad we also did a video review of the roll-up shooting pad which I really liked. I think the roll up pad is the best option for a small area.

Dryland Training Tiles

We were sent a few boxes of training tiles from hockey shot for review. Here is some information about the training tiles from the hockey shot website (with our comments in brackets)

  • Slipperiest & smoothest material available for stickhandling, hockey training tileshooting & passing! (we’ll see about that)
  • Each tile measures 18” x 18” tile (2.25 square feet) and are 1/2″ thick.
  • Comes with 2 beveled edge pieces for easy loading of pucks.
  • Tiles easily attach to each other. Assemble entire hockey flooring area in minutes! (more on this in the review)
  • Perfect for your garage, basement or driveway.
  • Tiles are strong enough for cars to park on, perfect for the garage. (Oh I have to test this out!)

Quality of Material

The tiles are very sturdy feeling, on the top they feel very smooth, and on the bottom they have a cross pattern across the entire tile. The tiles are not overly rigid, and it doesn’t seem like they would break or shatter with a slapshot (time will tell)

Setting up the Hockey Training Tiles

This was pretty easy, it took me a little while to figure it out, but I got it. I thought there was a special way to snap them together, but all you need to do is put the clip side over the ring side and then bash press them together.  Each box has 10 tiles, and the tiles measure 18 inches by 18 inches, I set each box up as two rows of 5 tiles.

5 boxes of hockey training tiles

I would say 5 boxes would be enough for most areas like a garage or basement. It gave me a lot of room to stickhandle and practice dekes. I also added a few more toys from hockeyshot to give me a bit more to do.

hockey training tiles

On the right side is the attack triangle which is a substitute for a defencemen, and on left side, in the corner, we have the pass master. The passmaster will feed the puck back to you if you pass into it. We also have a weighted hockey puck, and a Green Biscuit which is my favourite off ice puck! Check out the video to see them all in action

Stickhandling and Shooting on the Training Tiles


I practiced a variety of moves on the shooting tiles, first I just did some basic stickhandling with a regular hockey puck, then moved on to quicker dekes, and toe drags. The tiles held up well too all of my abuse, I was darting back and foreth, moving the puck quickly in all directions and taking a few quick snap shots to finish the move off. The tiles did not come apart at all and most importantly, the puck did not get caught on any edges. I was really impressed at how smoothly the tiles fit together


I was told that you can drive a car onto the tiles and they will not break, so they better be able to withstand the force of a stick while taking a slapshot (I tested both :D) With 5 boxes of tiles there was plenty of room to take a wristshot, snapshot, and slapshot. I took a bunch of slapshots and did not feel the tiles move at all, and there was no damage either.

Compared to other products

I really like the roll-up shooting pad which is 4 feet wide by 8 feet long and costs $99. With the roll up shooting pad you get the most shooting and stickhandling area for your buck.  A box of 10 training tiles costs $109.50 (use our coupon to get $10 off) and gives you 3 feet by 7.5 feet, but the big advantage to the tiles is that you can buy more down the road and increase the area.

Score sheet – Overall Thoughts

I think that these tiles definitely live up to expectations.

  • They were nice and sturdy
  • They fit together nicely with no raised edges
  • The puck and the Green Biscuit slid very well
  • Easy to set up

I would recommend these to anyone who has a garage, basement, or flat open area and wants to start a cool place to practice stickhandling and shooting. Only one question remains though…. can you drive a car on it, you will have to watch the video to find out!

Hockey Training Tiles Video Review

In this video we test out the training tiles and show you how well the pucks slide, how to set up the tiles, and if we can park a car on them

Where to Buy the Training Tiles

I always get a comment on every review asking where to buy the product (even though I link to it about 5 times in the review) so I am making a nice big section called where to buy. You can buy the tiles on this page at hockeyshot


EZ Goal Folding Hockey Net Review

EZ goal hockey net

I recently received an EZ goal from hockeyshot.com and have had the chance to take it out, set it up, and take a bunch of shots. I have been shooting on this net for a few weeks now and tested it for quality and durability. If you are thinking of getting a hockey net, check out this Hockey net review.

Testing the EZ goal hockey net

EZ goal hockey net review

After getting the EZ goal I set it up and took a few shots on it, I took note of how easy it was to set up, how well it folds, and the overall quality of the material. Since then I have been shooting on it daily, below you will find my detailed EZ goal review

How to Set up the ez goal hockey net

Set-up was super simple, all I had to do was look at the picture on the box ( who uses manuals these days) and snap the pieces together. There are no tools required, you just push the tabs in, and then fit the posts together.

To put on the hockey netting we just aligned the net properly ( red tab at the top middle) and then used two long pieces of string to lace every square to the wigley wire. Putting the net on takes some time.

How long does set up take?

Setting up the frame was easy, it only took about 10 minutes. Putting the netting on was also easy, but it was time consuming. Lacing the net took about 30 minutes.

How well does the EZ goal fold?

folding hockey net Folding the hockey net up is really easy! All I had to do was pull the pins from the bottom posts, then separate the middle post, then fold down the top, and fold up the bottom. Presto chango, the net is all folded up! It takes under a minute to fold and unfold the net, I do not think they could have made it any easier.

Quality of material

In our EZ goal Detailed Look video (embedded below) I show you close up shots of the posts, and netting so you can get a good idea of the quality. I will then tell you how the posts and net held up after a few weeks of heavy shooting.

Quality of Netting

The netting is fairly thick compared to other nets in this price range. I have used netting like this before on other hockey nets and they usually last a few seasons before getting any holes in them. After a few weeks of shooting a few hundred slapshots a day I only have one hole in the net, right near the bottom where I likely blasted a few thousand 75 MPH slapshots. I didn’t really expect the net to hold up to that type of abuse, and for the purpose of the review I was trying to put a hole in the net. Over all the netting is great for kids and adults, but hold off on the slapshots if you have a cannon.

The goal posts all have wigley wire on the back for you to thread the net through. Some cheap nets do not bother with wigley wire so you just have to wrap the string around the posts, which looks terrible, and also if the string breaks it is annoying, so it is nice that the EZ goal has the wigley wire.

How about them Goal Posts

EZ goal hockey goal postI have tested my wrist shots and slapshots numerous times on a few different radar guns. My wrist shot is between 50 and 60 miles per hour and my slapshot is around 75 miles per hour

The posts held up fine to my wrist shots, snapshots and my lighter slapshots, but the off time when I hammered a slapshot right into the post it left a small dent. I was actually surprised I didn’t dent it more, the posts held up to all my shots except when I put everything I had into a slapshot, which you don’t usually do in road hockey or pond hockey anyways. I hammered the white post in the center a bunch of times and I haven’t been able to dent it at all.

Review of a hockey netThe picture to the left is probably a good example of what to expect from the posts, most shots will just leave a mark, but you can dent them with a really hard shot. The black mark was a full powered slapshot and there was no dent, then I hit the post dead on with another full powered slapshot and you can see a small dent.

After a few weeks of normal shooting on the hockey net (not trying to break it anymore ) I have only added a few dings to the post, and they are all from my slapshot. I would say these posts will withstand basically anything you can throw at them, unless you or your kid is playing elite hockey, then just lay off on the slappers 😀

Ez goal compared to other hockey nets

Price compared to other hockey nets

The ezgoal is around $100, most nets of this quality start at $120 and the real cheap plastic, or metal ones with thin posts (not recommended for players with good shots) start at around $70. The ez goal comes with targets, which is a sweet bonus, and for an extra $50 you can get a backstop which let’s you spend more time shooting and less time looking for pucks! Another sweet bonus is that the ez goal folds up, and I have not seen another hockey net that can do that.

For a pro hockey net you are looking at around $500, they are really heavy and near impossible to move. The only advantage to pro nets is the thicker posts, and thicker meshing, but for most hockey players that isn’t really necessary.

Quality compared to other hockey nets

In my opinion the EZ goal matches or exceeds the quality of netting and posts of other more expensive hockey nets, plus it folds up. Advantage, ez goal!

  • EZ goal compared to plastic ball hockey nets
    • I have destroyed a lot of ball hockey nets in my life. They are cheap, made of plastic, and don’t stand a chance against pucks. Here is how the EZ goal stacks up against ball hockey nets
    • Better quality posts and netting than plastic nets
    • A bit more expensive
    • Will last a lot longer
    • Ez goal is heavier than the plastic nets
    • I would recommend the EZ goal over ball hockey nets because ball hockey nets usually last about one season (one day if you use pucks) before you need to buy a new one!
  • EZ goal compared to metal road hockey nets
    • The Ez goals 2″ metal piping will last longer than 1″ piping
    • Sturdier than 1″ piping nets
    • EZ goal folds up for easy storage
    • EZ goal is similar in price, but better quality
  • EZ goal compared to PRO regulation hockey net
    • Same size and dimensions of a PRO net
    • MUCH lighter
    • Pro nets are one piece, and welded together, Ez goal folds up and is easy to move
    • Cheaper than pro net ($400 cheaper)
    • Not as durable

EZ Goal Review Video

I shot this Ez goal review (embedded below) so you could get an idea of the set up, how it folds and unfolds, and the quality of the material

Overall thoughts

The only downside to this net was that I was able to dent the posts with a 75 mph slapshot which is no surprise because the only posts I haven’t dented are on regulation nets. The net also has a hole in the bottom now, but that is due to repeated canon shots to the bottom right corner. The next step up from this type of net is a pro hockey net and I am not about to pay $500 for a net I can barely lift! I loved this hockey net, the quality was great, I love how it comes with targets and folds up. The backstop is a great idea as well and we will do a full review of the EZ backstop and targets soon.

Overall I would recommend this net to everyone with kids who play hockey, or any adults who want to have a good portable net for pond hockey.

Where to Buy the EZ goal

If you want to buy an EZ goal you can get it here we also have a coupon for our readers. If you subscribe to our blog we will instantly send you a coupon to save $10 off the EZ goal.


Green Biscuit Review

Green Biscuit

The green biscuit is a hockey training puck that is designed to replicate the feeling of stickhandling with a real hockey puck on ice. While many ( too many!) products promise the feel of stickhandling
with a real puck, only a few can deliver. How did it stack up? Read on to find out.

If you just want to know how much it costs, and buy one you can buy it here Enter our Hockeyshot coupon code for $10 off orders over $100 HOWHCKY001

First look at the Green Biscuit

When I first got the green biscuit I thought what most people probably think, oh great another gimmicky hockey training product. You have to admit, it looks a bit funny

Green Biscuit Training puck

Green Biscuit Design

The biscuit is designed to travel flat on irregular surfaces like concrete and asphalt. The idea behind the design is to reduce friction, and vibration that will cause pucks to flip over and normally occurs with other pucks.

The green biscuit is made out of two pieces of plastic with a hollow spot in the middle. The pieces of plastic are held apart by three metal bolts and cushioned with rubber spacers in the middle. According to the Green Biscuit Website this unique design is specifically engineered to stop the it from flipping over. Sounds like a great plan, but for some reason I don’t think that this puck could hold up to my ever improving slapshot, but I can’t wait to try stickhandling and passing.

While there are many pucks that use simple, and often flawed designs in an attempt to achieve an ice like feel, it appears that the green biscuit may actually achieve this. It definitely wins the award for most creative engineering and design. Only one question remains though….

Does the Green Biscuit work?

The short answer is YES! I was pretty amazed at how well this puck actually worked. After using so many shawdy products, I really expected this one to end up as dog toy, I was pleasantly surprised. Below I will share my experience with the biscuit

Stickhandling with the GreenBiscuit

I tested the Green Biscuit on a nice flat piece of pavement. The biscuit moves nicely back and forth and is definitely better than using a regular hockey puck ( see video) I also tried some other hockey training pucks but the Green Biscuit was definitely my favourite. It slides nicely, and is great for toe drags! (as seen in our hockey shooting pad video)

Does it flip up?
When doing slow smooth motions it is almost impossible to flip the it over. I find the biscuit does come up slightly from time to time, but only during quick, powerful moves. I feel this is a good way to train yourself to have nice soft hands, and it only tilts up a bit, so it doesn’t really interrupt stickhandling too much.

If you want to practice a lot of quick moves you could always pick up a hockey shooting pad. The shooting pad works well with the green biscuit by reducing friction even more, and it will also protect the bottom of your stick. We did a full hockey shooting pad review if you are interested

I really liked passing with the green biscuit. Ken and I tried all kinds of variations; quick short passes, long hard passes, rapid back and forth passes, backhand passes, and even saucer passes. The green biscuit worked great for every type of pass, and really felt like passing on ice does.

If you suck at passing I definitely recommend getting a green biscuit, having a friend to pass back to you helps as well!!

One thing that I did notice was when taking a hard pass, if I cupped the pass and then pulled it in towards my body in a sweeping motion the puck would come up on edge against the edge of the blade of my stick. Not a huge annoyance as it only happened a few times, and I easily corrected the puck and continued passing.

Shooting with the green biscuit

A lot of people ask “can you shoot with the Green Biscuit?” Here is my experience

*Winds up, takes a slapshot, hits post, green biscuit explodes*

The green biscuit is not made for shooting! That’s what regular pucks are for 😀

Green Biscuit Video

Reading about how a product works is good, but seeing it in action is even better, so we thought this video would help show you how the Green Biscuit training puck works.

Green biscuit vs regular puck

Green Biscuit and Hockey Puck

As you can see in the picture the Green Biscuit is the exact same size of a normal hockey puck


The Green Biscuit weighed in at 4.4 ounces. A normal hockey puck is usually between 5.5 and 6 ounces. The Green Biscuit is made a bit lighter than a normal puck to replicate the feel of using a real puck off ice.


According to the Green Biscuit website the Green Biscuit was made lighter than a normal hockey puck because the added friction from rough surfaces makes it feel heavier, or just like using the heavier puck on the ice.


Don’t even think about trying to use a regular puck off the ice or on pavement, the rubber grabs onto everything and the puck will flip all over the place

Of course nothing can match a puck on ice, but the Green Biscuit does slide nicely, it travels in a straight line, moves better if you put spin on it, and has a similar bounce as a puck.

Green biscuit compared to stickhandling balls

Green Biscuit compared to a stick handling ball


As you can see in the pictures the stickhandling ball is quite a bit smaller than the Green Biscuit, however it is also taller. The balls are made to have the same contact point as a puck, so that is why it is quite a bit taller, you can see that the middle of the stickhandling ball matches the top of the green biscuit.


The stickhandling ball I use weighed in at 4.1 oz, with the green biscuit being 4.4, not a big difference at all.


Being round, the stickhandling balls roll very easily, the motion of rolling is obviously different than sliding but provides great lateral movement along the ground. The major downfall of stickhandling balls is the passing ability. If you try to pass stickhandling balls for long distances they have the tendency to bounce and change direction.


Stickhandling balls are great for quick movements and repetition because you never have to worry about them flipping over, however real pucks do flip over sometimes so I think it is a good idea to use a product that most closely reflects the properties of a puck.

If I want to practice some serious dangles I prefer the green biscuit. The major downfall of stickhandling balls is their shape. They are designed to feel like a puck, but no matter how you look at it, they are still balls. When I first started learning how to toe drag I practiced with stickhandling balls, but found when I tried the same motion on ice, the puck would get away from me a lot. When I started using the Green biscuit on a hockey shooting pad (even on pavement was good) I noticed it felt A LOT more like a puck on ice.

Price compared to other training pucks
The green biscuit retails for around $10 US, which is right on par with other training pucks.

Green Biscuit Recap

Highlight of the night
I like how easily the green biscuit slides on rough surfaces and also how much it feels like a real puck. I also like how it doesn’t flip all over the place like other off ice pucks. Passing is great with the GB as well. If I send a nice hard pass to my friend, I know it is going to get there, which makes practicing with the green biscuit a lot of fun.

In the sin bin
The only downfalls I could find with the biscuit is that it is fairly loud (plastic on pavement, who would have guessed) and also it is not made for shooting. The plastic is some-what brittle so if you shoot the puck against something hard it WILL break. Also if you use the Green Biscuit on asphalt a lot it will wear down due to the rough surface.

Overall thoughts

I definitely recommend the green biscuit to anyone who wants to practice stickhandling and especially for people who want to work on passing. I had a lot of fun using the green biscuit, and it has found a permanent home in my gym bag, right next to my roller blades!

Where to Buy a Green Biscuit

If you want to pick up one of these you can buy it here Use our Hockey Shot coupon code to save $10 on orders over $100 HOWHCKY001


Hockey Shooting Pad Review

shooting board review

The Guys over at hockeyshot were kind enough to send us some awesome hockey training products for us to review. The first training product we reviewed is the first item you should buy if you want to work on stick handling and shooting; and if you use our coupon (bottom of page) you get $10 off orders over $100, plus we get a bit of money to help pay for pucks (everybody wins). This is our review of the pro hockey shooting pad

The hockey shooting pad we are reviewing is 60inches x 30inches, 3/16 inches thick. When I first got the shooting pad I thought, wow that’s big! I was used to shooting off of a small piece of synthetic ice so I couldn’t wait to test out a big one. First I gave it a thorough inspection.

Cheapo Alert Some people are using home made shooting pad alternatives. I have tried to make my own shooting pad, and the biggest problem I have is that they crack VERY easily. If you are going to practice a lot (especially if you plan on taking slapshots) save yourself some time and money and just get a good product from the start.

First look at the hockey shooting pad

Hockey Shooting Board

Ok, so I couldn't resist taking some shots on the board when it came in the mail. That explains the stick tape marks. Don't worry, your board will come nice and white!

I like the size of the pad, with a smaller pad I was fairly limited to what I could do. For younger players a small shooting pad is good for shooting and a bit of stickhandling, but if you are older you will find you run out of real estate fairly quickly.


I ran my hand down the surface and it felt very smooth. I grabbed a puck right away (not hard to find at my house) and slid it back and forth, the result? the sticker says “feels like ice” well, it isn’t cold, but that puck sure does slide nicely.


This board is 3/16 inches thick, sounds thin but it is actually pretty solid compared to other shooting pads. The first shooting pad I bought as a kid was a lot thinner, I used it quite a bit and after three years (when it went missing) it was still in great shape, so a thicker pad should last decades. The material used for this shooting pad looks very durable, which means it should last A LOT longer than that piece of warped plywood you have been shooting off of 😉

Portability shooting board review

For such a big shooting pad it is still fairly portable. It comes with a handle which makes moving it a lot easier. You can easily tuck this board away, and pull it out when you want to improve your hockey skills.

If you want to take it to the park or a friends place, you would be fine with a truck, van, wagon or SUV, even a car with fold down seats might work. I did have some trouble getting it into my car, although it is a two door.

The pad is also a great way to reduce wear on your blade. I went through a lot of sticks and money when I used to practice shooting right off the pavement or asphalt


  • Junior – 24 inches wide by 48 long and  1/8 of an inch thick
  • Intermediate 28 inches wide by 52 inches long and 3/16 of an inch thick
  • Professional shooting pads which are 30 inches wide by 60 inches long and 3/16 of an inch thick.

Shooting pad sizes for hockey

Taking it to the street

This would not be a real review without us using and abusing this board. We took the hockey shooting pad to an outdoor rink. We also shot this video that shows us testing the shooting pad.

we were really mean to it. We took about 1000 slapshot, tested it for stick handling and shooting and it definitely did exactly what it is designed to do.

The result?


The pad is great for stickhandling with a normal puck, the puck will flip up from time to time, but the better you are at stickhandling the less times the puck flips up ( great way to get nice soft hands) You could also use a stick handling ball or puck alternative like the green biscuit for an even smoother ride (also available at hockeyshot)

There is lots of room to practice dribbling ( moving the puck quickly back and forth) and wider moves. There is also a lot of room to practice toe drags, and even room to put down some obstacles to stick handle around.

shooting pad for hockey

Great for toe drags!


The hockey shooting pad is great for… Well…shooting!

Wrist shots – If you are going to practice shooting on a regular basis I definitely recommend this pad (60 x 30 hockey shooting pad). The pad gives enough room for a full wrist shot, and then some. I find with smaller pads I was not practicing proper wrist shot form because I did not have enough room to pull the puck back, step into it, and then really rifle it at the net.

Slapshots – A big pad is great for slapshots as well. The shooting pad is fairly wide so I like put the wide side facing the net and then line up a row of pucks. This allows me to take a bunch of shots without resetting after every shot.


We beat this thing up quite a bit and it definitely stood up nicely. We hammered close to 1000 slapshots at full power and the only marks on the board were from hockey tape, which can easily be wiped off (you know, if you are into cleaning). I think the board will take a fair amount of abuse, which means it is going to last a very long time!

Overall Thoughts

This is definitely a great tool to have if you want to practice and improve your stickhandling and shooting. The hockey shooting pad is probably the closest you can get to real ice, at a very reasonable price. I get the itch to play hockey a lot and I find just having the board around motivates me to practice more, because it is the closest thing I have to shooting and stickhandling at the rink.

If you want to buy a hockey shooting pad visit hockeyshot.com and use this coupon HOWHCKY001 for $10 off orders over $100