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5 Hockey Speed Training Tips

This is a guest post from Kevin Neeld In my 18 years as a player and on-ice instructor and now as an off-ice specialist, I have seen countless players get cut and/or lose their competitive edge because they can’t keep up with the speed at that current level. While everyone’s speed potential is a ...


The Best of How To Hockey – Summer Edition

Last summer we wrote a bunch of articles and made quite a few videos to help with stuff like shooting and stickhandling. I get quite a few emails asking for drills or tips for ways to improve these skills off the ice so I thought I would make a collection of links to the articles we have made in ...


Hockey Speed Training

Speed is a major factor on the ice, have good acceleration and a good top speed will make you hard to catch on the ice and should help you get more shots on ice. If you feel like you've got rocks in your hockey socks try doing this exercise a few times a week over the summer. This is a special ...