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30 Day Shooting Challenge

If you’ve been training to improve your shot and are looking to add some new shooting techniques to your arsenal we’ve got a challenge for you! I’ve watched all the top goal scorers in the NHL and looked for any OTHER type of shot. Everyone already practices the wrist shot, the backhand, the slap and snap shot, but if you watch closely you’ll notice a lot of goals are not scored using these perfect shots. That’s what this challenge is all about!

The 30 shots we are challenging you to take are the OTHER types of shots, they are variations like a one hand collect, toe-drag and snipe, the knee drop, the push-out shot, backhand in tight, and so many more!

If you’re just looking for inspiration on new shot styles to try, we have a free pdf that you can print off and use to keep yourself motivated and on track to practice every shot style.

If you’re a visual learner we have 5 videos on our Youtube channel showing the first 5 days.

Want even more training videos?

If you enjoy the teaching and demonstrations in those 5 free videos we have 25 more in our 30 shots in 30 days course.

Coach Jeremy

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Take the 10,000 Shot Challenge

See how much you can improve your shot after taking 10,000 shots! It's important to work on all different styles of shots, which is why we've designed this app so you can track each type of shot with ease.

Invite your teammates and see who can reach 10,000 shots first!

10,000 Shots

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The Pond is our all in one hockey training platform designed to continually challenge players. We provide you with the most efficient path to improve the skills you will use the most in game.

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