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How to do the Datsyukian Deke – SKODA

The “Datsyukian Deke” is a deke that was made famous by Pavel Datsyuk when he scored an amazing goal on a breakaway and sent the goalie to one side of the net while putting the puck in the other side. Datsyuk performed this feat once again in a shootout and since then a number of other players have scored using this move. In the article below I will break the move down step by step so you can practice and perfect it. Remember that when performing a move there are two critical keys to success. Properly reading the goalie, and properly executing the move. If you do a move perfectly in the wrong situation (not reading the goalie) you probably will not score, likewise if you read the goalie properly but can not pull the move off, you will likely be stopped.
The right time to use this move
Most players use this move while they are approaching the goalie on a slight angle, but almost straight on. Ideally you will be hinting / moving towards a shot to your shooting side. If you have the goalie near the middle of the crease and moving a bit to your shooting side you have him where you want him.
The approach
Approach the goalie with the puck in front of you, this will cause him to square up with the puck and have him thinking that you will either deke left or right (you can not shoot with the puck directly in front of you)
The first fake
As you get closer to the goalie move the puck to your shooting side, this will tell the goalie that you are going to shoot, hopefully he will move more to the side of the net to square up with the puck, if he doesn’t, just shoot the puck, if the goalie does move he’s doing what you want!
The second and most important fake
Now you need to fake a shot to your shooting side, far post. You really need to sell this shot, and the goalie needs to react for this move to work. If the goalie does not bite on this move he will be able to react to the next move and possible stop you. The better you can sell this fake shot, the better chance that you will score
The drag
Now you need to catch the puck with the back of your blade, pull it back (away from danger) and towards your body. You will also point your leading foot to the other side of the net so that your body and the puck will move to the other side of the net. This is the trickiest part of the deke, so practice it a lot!
Hopefully you will now have a fairly open net to shoot at. Always shoot for the top shelf! #1 it looks awesome and #2 you never know if the goalie is going to slide his pad or stick across, you’ll be more likely to score if you shoot high.

Coach Jeremy

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