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How To Make Your Own Stickhandling Balls

Improving your stickhandling is something every hockey player can do at home. It only takes about 20 minutes of focused practice each day to make notable improvements. If you start now, and stick with it, you will vastly improve by time the next season starts.

The only problem is that good stickhandling products can be expensive. In the video below I mention some of my favourites, but if you’re on a tight budget at the moment you can make a few of your own stickhandling balls. Check out the video below to find out how!

Links to recommended products

Follow the steps in the video above and remember to commit at least 20 minutes a day to improving and you will thank me later. If you’re lost on which drills you can do be sure to subscribe to our Youtube channel or newsletter (box to the right) as we will be sharing stickhandling drills throughout the summer.

Coach Jeremy