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Here on How To Hockey I’ve been adding videos and articles whenever I had time. The thing is, that was only 1, sometimes two a month, and people wanted more. Well, now you can have more!

The Hockey Movement

I have started the hockey movement, literally! Join our new YouTube channel and website The Hockey Movement. We post new hockey videos every single week

Why the new website?

  • How to Hockey has become my personal brand, and known for hockey training videos
  • The Hockey Movement will include many instructors and contributors
  • The Hockey Movement is about more than just training, we will also share fun videos and articles about hockey culture
  • With multiple instructors and contributors the site will be community based project and share the spotlight with many great hockey people
  • I will still be adding to How To Hockey
  • Join the Hockey Movement! Subscribe to the new channel and Get on the email list.


Coach Jeremy

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