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Hey there hockey players, my name is Jeremy Rupke and I created I will share a quick story about who I am and why I started this site.

Growing up with hockey

I grew up in a small farm town and LOVED playing hockey, the best part of hockey was getting together with friends and just having fun. Of course I also had a passion to improve and be the best I could. In a small town you get taught whatever your coach feels like teaching you, some coaches were great and others were just coaching because their son played on the team. I learned a lot about hockey, but also had to figure a lot of things out on my own.

When I wasn’t at practice I would be up in my barn working on my shot, or in the winter I would head to the pond to figure out some new moves. I noticed that once I started working on my game at home I started to improve very quickly.

When everything clicked

At about 16-17 years old, while in my barn or on the pond I started to realize a lot of small things that I was doing wrong, or new things that I could do to improve my game. These are just small little things that I should have known, or been taught as a kid but no coach really mentioned it. In a small town you don’t really get expert hockey coaches, and even if you have a good coach they only have 1 hour a week to coach 14 kids so you don’t get much 1 on 1 time.

I started implementing these small tips and noticed big improvements in my game, unfortunately it was a bit to late to play Junior and I was focusing on School and a career, but my #1 passion in life was still hockey.

Why I started How To Hockey

I started this site to help kids (and adults) just like me, people who love the game of hockey and want to improve their skills. I wanted a spot to help anyone and everyone improve their hockey skills. Now if a kid from a small town wants to learn to improve their shooting, or stickhandling they can visit, I’ve got a handful of videos that are filled with great info. If an adult want’s to take up the game of Hockey at 40 years old they can read all my articles and videos. I want to share my passion for the game with anyone else who also loves hockey.

So you never played pro? Why should we listen to you then?

Nope, I am not a pro, and I have no problem with that. I think if I DID play pro this site would not be nearly as informative as it is now. Most pro’s have the curse of knowledge, they are just naturally awesome and pick things up very easily. If you ask them “how do you take a wristshot” they would probably say “Well… you just go like this”

I’m a good hockey player, and I have a desire to continually improve. I am studying the pro’s, watching how they shot, dangle, and skate. I watch the videos in slow-mo and pick out small things, then I test them and implement them. If I notice improvements I will have a deep understanding of what works, what doesn’t work, and why it works. I then pass that information onto my readers via articles and videos. I break everything down step-by-step and make it as easy to understand as possible. I guess you could say I am obsessed with player development and coaching, and the readers of this site can benefit from all the time I spend watching, analyzing and testing.

Consider me your online hockey coach!

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Now it is Your Turn

I would love to get your input on what you think of the site, and what you would like to see. So how about leaving a little message in the comment section below. I hope to hear from most of you, and don’t be afraid to share the site with your team mates!



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Jeremy Rupke

Hi my name is Jeremy. I LOVE hockey and I am passionate about improving and helping others improve. My goal is to break every hockey skill down into easy to understand articles and videos. I explain everything step-by-step to help others improve. If you want to learn more about me you can read my about page. Thanks for reading and sharing!

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Nick Ellison September 19, 2014 at 4:32 pm

Hey Jeremy, first of all I really appreciate the fact that you set time aside to give other people information to improve their game, I respect that. I am 18 years old and started skating when I was two and began playing when I was five. However, when I turned 9, I thought it would be fun to try football (some of my friends were playing) and I took that hockey season off. When I came back next season I had lost a lot of my skills and obviously hadn’t gained any like the other kids had. I got discouraged and quit. Then when I was 16, one of my friends who still plays got me back into it and I have DEFINEITELY improved. I was invited to a junior A prospect camp (Berkley Bruins MWJHL) after attending a summer skate with them. I skipped the prospect camp though because I figured that I am still missing a few vital skills. My biggest problem is that I have trouble making quick decisions. Not so much things like “when to pass” or “when to shoot”, but more like “who” should I pass to. I know I don’t have a chance of making it to the NHL, but I feel like playing juniors is a feasible goal for me and I would like to play at a competitive level. Do you have any tips for me, and did you ever play juniors or AAA or anything like that (just wondering)?


Jake August 30, 2014 at 1:28 pm

Hey Jeremy,
I’m 14 years old, live in New York, and have always been a Bruins fan, and I have always wanted to play Hockey I’m practicing for try outs next winter. I’m not too much of a dangler, good at skating, and I have a hard shot so I’m thinking I will do defense. I’m also pretty big, 6’1 and 230 lbs. I want to get decent at stick handling so I have watched lots of videos and practiced daily. It seems to me that it’s hard to get into even a simple quick hands stance. While on my skates, I have a Vapor X70 stick with 87 flex and kane curve that goes to the bridge of my nose. Could the length of the stick be my problem or would my gloves make it difficult? I got a new pair of Bauer Nexus 400′s and got a size 13 because my old pairs of vapor and reebok SC-87 gloves were size 12 and I figured they would be better since I am growing a lot.


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