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Wrist Shot Videos

Wrist shot videos

Wrist Shot for Beginners

This video teaches you how to take a wrist shot in under a minute. I show you every single motion that is involved in the wrist shot. When browsing on YouTube I was sick of long winded, boring videos that fail to mention important aspects of the wrist shot. I went out and shot a wrist shot video that tells you everything you need to know in under a minute.

This video explains

  • Position of hands on hockey stick
  • Puck position in stance
  • Puck position on blade of stick
  • Motion of the wrist shot
  • When to roll / flick your wrists
  • Follow through
  • Weight transfer

That’s a lot for one minute eh! Watch the video

How to take a wrist shot video

Wrist Shot Power and Quick Release

In this next video I show you a few more things you can do to get a bit more power from your wrist shot. I cover a lot of the things I covered in the last video, but this time I am on the ice, and I am shooting off of my other foot. Notice in the first video I am transferring my weight onto my left leg, but in this video I transfer my weight onto my right leg. The video above shows you how to take a powerful wrist shot, and the video below is the perfect technique for a wrist shot with a very quick release (great if you are skating in on the goalie and need to get a quick shot off)

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How to get a quick wrist shot video

Wrist Shot Accuracy

In this video I show you 5 ways you can improve your wrist shot accuracy. I cover every point there is that will help you get better aim from your wrist shot.

In this video I show you how to:

  • Look at where you are shooting
  • Point with your feet
  • Track the trajectory of the blade of your stick
  • Follow through high to shoot high, low to shoot low
  • Point the blade of your stick at where you want the puck to go

For a detailed video see our full article How to improve wrist shot accuracy

Some of these points are fairly common knowledge for the seasoned hockey player, but others are a bit less known. Whether you are just learning, or you simply need a refresher course in wrist shot accuracy this video will help you score more goals!

Wrist Shot Accuracy Video