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Are You Finishing Your Shot?

A common problem I see with newer hockey players is something I call "not finishing your shot". In hockey it's common knowledge that to get more power, you need good weight transfer, but that's how you start your shot, so how do you finish it? Finishing your shot requires a "snap" motion at the ...


Where to Shoot to Score More Goals

If you started playing hockey at a young age you probably had a dream to roof the puck. Young hockey players have trouble getting the puck off the ice, but once they learn how to shoot high it's almost the only place they shoot. At a young age it is not a bad idea to shoot high, the goalies are ...


Simple Tips to Improve Your Shooting at Home

I have been working with HockeyShot.com lately to produce a series of hockey training videos. The videos come in two parts, how to perform a certain skill, and another video on how to improve that skill at home. The on-ice videos are on my Youtube channel and the off-ice videos are on the Hockey ...


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