How To Hockey

My Favourite Hockey Sites

Here is a collection of some of my favourite places to visit online when it comes to hockey.

 Reddit Hockey

Reddit is a place where people submit stories, pictures, videos or just what they think. If the community likes it they vote for it. The best submissions end up on the front page. Unlike DIGG I find the voting to be very true to the quality of the submissions. There are great posts every day on the homepage, and I almost always find something cool on the hockey page. Once again, there are a bunch of great hockey players and fans who frequent this page. Check out Reddit Hockey to see what I am talking about.


After Reddit Hockey grew it became more about NHL news and information. I love to check it out for cool pictures and videos, but it became less about playing hockey and more about watching it. No worries though, I created a subreddit of my own! Check out Reddit Hockeyplayers!

Good Coaching / Hockey sites