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This page will feature hockey training products and reviews of hockey products, we will regularly add reviews and products that will help you improve your game.

Hockey Products we Recommend

  • Hockey Net – HockeyShot Net $109.95 on

    • hockeyshot-netWe did a review of the HockeyShot net and found it was a quality net for the price. This is likely the best net you will get for around $100. With a hard shot (over 70MPH) you might put a small dent in the post, but I have had the net for a year now and it still holds up.
  • A Big Ol’ Net – $36.99 on
    • My big chunk of netting has come in handy a few times. When I first got a house I didn’t have anywhere to shoot so I just strung my big net up in between two trees and blasted pucks into it. I finally got a hockey net and put it away.
      The problem was my hockey net quickly got holes in it, so I just draped my big piece of netting over the back, problem solved
    • shooting-net-hockeyNow I have moved and have a bigger area to shoot at my net, but I noticed even with the backstop I still had the odd puck get away from me. Big piece of net to the rescue, I strung it up between a tree and a post and voila, problem solved (that’s my net to the right)
    • The link above is not the same net I got, I ordered mine from a local shoe lace / net factory when I was about 15 years old, but it looks like the netting I linked to is similar in size and quality.
  • Hockey Shooting Pad – $89.95 and up at Hockeyshot.comhockeyshot=passing-kit

    • If you are practicing for hockey, one training aid that is a MUST HAVE is a shooting pad. With a good sized pad you can practice your shooting and stickhandling whenever you want. I highly recommend the Extreme Passing kit , here are a few drills you can do, and if you want something smaller then check out the hockey shooting pad review
  • Green Biscuit $12.95 at (get a few, they are great!)

    • I have reviewed a lot of off-ice pucks and the only one that I really liked was the Green Biscuit, it is far better than any other off-ice puck because it slides without flipping up and rolling around. I use the Green biscuit all the time on rough surfaces, and I always use them on the shooting pads to practice stickhandling. I definitely recommend this product and suggest you buy a few at a time to save on shipping. If you want to buy one, and see our full review visit our Green Biscuit review page.
  • Radar Gun$109.95 on Hockeyshot Use our coupon code to save $10! (coupon code in sidebar)
    • radar gun hockey shotI love this radar gun. It has helped me tweak all my shots and quickly add about 5-10 MPH to each of my shots. The Radar gun helped me recognize a few bad habits I had and then change them. I would go out on a daily basis and try new things to see if it helped or hurt my speed. The gun allowed me to discover new ways to get more power, and a few things I was doing wrong that was hurting my shot.
    • If you would like to learn more about the radar gun check out our hockey radar gun review

Want More Hockey Products?

Hockey Equipment -A great resource for hockey equipment and some training aids is Hockey Monkey, Specifically their clearance section. You can find all kinds of great deals on hockey equipment there!
Hockey Training Aids – You can shop around for more training aids at they carry over 200 products aimed to help you improve your skills. If you have any questions about the products there shoot me an email and I will do my best to help you. 

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