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Deke Of the Week

We started the Deke of the Week in the winter of 2010. At the time we had full time jobs and kept the series going until #1. I love the concept and plan to start it up again, but until then we have 9 dekes ready for you to learn. We made the deke’s progressively more advanced and cover the basics in the first few.

    1. Skate to open ice
      • This is something that every hockey player should know and understand. Before teaching you to deke I want to teach you how to just straight beat the players! This will help you control the puck and get a lot more scoring chances
    2. Protecting the puck
      • Don’t just let the players knock the puck off your stick. In this video and article I give you a bunch of tips on how to protect the puck and keep what belongs to you
    3. Fakes
      • Fakes are an integral part of deking. You can use them on their own to get around players, or incorporate them into your dekes. In this video and article I teach you about all the different types of fakes and how you can use them
    4. Single deke
      • This is the most basic of dekes but I still use it on a regular basis. In this video and article Ken and I show you the single deke and when to use it
    5. Double deke
      • Taking one step up from the single deke is the double deke. It sounds pretty straight forward but we give you a few tips on how to pull it off sucessfuly
    6. Bank shot
      • This is one of the easiest ways to break out of your end and get a break away. You can also use it to clear the puck in a hairy situation. I also show you a cheeky move I like to do in shinny
    7. Under the stick deke
      • This is my favourite deke to pull if the defensemen is matching my speed and I need to shake him. There are a few hard and fast rules that you should know before attempting this move.
    8. Toe Drag
      • This is a fun move if you can pull it off. I find the faster you are going the harder it is to do the toe drag perfectly
    9. Backhand Toe Drag
      • In this deke of the week we have two videos, how to do the move and then another on-ice example showing you some game situation examples

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