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The Best Gifts for Hockey Players: 2012 edition


For an updated list please see our 2015 edition of the best gifts for hockey players

Looking for a gift for a hockey player, or want to see what sweet gifts you could ask for this year? Check out this post with the best gifts for hockey players. Every year I compile a list of the best gifts for Hockey Players. I have been playing hockey since I was 4 years old and eat and breathe hockey. Some of the items are timeless and have been the same every year, others are completely new, and others have been updated.

In no particular order, here are the best gifts for Hockey players for 2012

An outdoor hockey rink

This has been at the the top of the list for years because it will create the most memories! Every year I looked forward to skating on our backyard pond and I have so many fond memories of playing hockey outside with friends and family. I wouldn’t be nearly as good at hockey if it weren’t for my backyard rink.

Build your own: check out our blog post on how to Build your own backyard rink

Buy a Kit: They have kits available on Hockeyshot.com use the code HOWHCKY001 for $10 off! You can also browse Nicerink.com for a wide selection of rink sizes. Their kits include brackets and liners. You can order boards and a handheld “Zamboni” as well.

A few Goals!

Every hockey player loves to score goals, just imagine if you could give your kids some goals for Christmas! Well technically you can’t, but you can give them my new Goalie Buster training course that will teach them 2o different ways to deke a goalie, as well as how to read a goalie, moves to use on their shooting side, backhand side, and straight on, and much much more. I have put together over 2 hours of on-ice training breaking down how to beat the goalie! The moves are all broken down step by step and explained in detail. This is something that you can buy once, and the child will have (and use) forever!

Where to buy: Check out the Goalie Buster homepage to join the team, just remember to keep the username and password so you can give it to your child on Christmas day!

NHL 13

With the NHL lockout this is the closest we will get to watching a real NHL hockey game. NHL 13 is the newest hockey video game out this year by EA sports and they have delivered another hit! The top video game review sites have all given it a 9+ rating out of 10 and every year they make great games. If your hockey player has an X-box or PS3 you should get them this game

Where to buy: Get it on Amazon for $49.99 (Canada link) and free shipping (make sure you pick the right system!)

Hockey Training Aids

Without a shooting pad and a net my shot would be brutal! I got the net for Christmas and I bought a tiny little shooting pad for $40, I spent hours up in my barn working on my shot. There are a lot of training aids available but below I will link to my favourite ones!

use the code HOWHCKY001 for $10 off any order of $100 or more on HockeyShot.com

  • EZ-Goal – The frame is very durable, but the mesh is the same as all the other hockey nets, it will rip after you take enough shots. If your netting rips order some fishing net off Amazon and lace it to the back. What is nice about this net is it folds up for easy storage, and you can order a backstop with it as well!
  • Roll-up Shooting pad – This is MUCH bigger than the little shooting pad I used to use, and much better. The roll-up pad (which is difficult to actually roll up) comes in 4×8 or 5×10 which gives you A LOT of room to line up pucks, practice some new moves, or even work on passing and one timers with friends. Every kid I know who has one of these loves it, heck I’m 27 and I use mine when I get the itch to shoot some pucks, or dangle a little. The surface is smooth so pucks will slide great on it, and it wont damage the bottom of your stick like cement.
  • Radar Gun – This would be the ultimate gift for a kid. Hockey players are always bragging about how hard they can shoot, and they are always lying! This radar gun displays how fast (in MPH or Kilometers) you can shoot the puck. I have been using it for over a year now and have had great results. it’s a great training tool because it gives instant feedback and allows players to see how much they are improving. For more info you can check out our Hockey radar gun review
  • Pucks – You know what every hockey player needs?…. MORE PUCKS. It’s not fun shooting 5 pucks, getting them, shooting them again, etc, the more pucks the better. Pucks usually cost about $1 a piece, so drop around $50 and get enough pucks to last a few years
  • A Goalie– Shooting on an empty net kind of sucks! When I was a kid I made a goalie with a skill saw and a sheet of plywood, it didn’t last long but I had a lot of fun breaking it! Most kids don’t have or know how to use a skill saw… Luckily you can buy some pretty durable targets these days that look like a goalie. It’s more fun to shoot and your hockey player will learn how to pick the corners.


Hockey players like to look good, who doesn’t! Luckily there are some great clothing companies out there who make clothes specifically for hockey players. The two most notable companies are Sauce Hockey and Gongshow Gear. I have a few shirts from both companies and they are top quality. Another great company is Scrappers hockey, I have two of their shirts and wear them all the time, my favorite is the brain bucket shirt to the right.

Where to Buy: Scrappers Hockey, Gongshow Gear, Sauce Hockey

Rockem Sockem 24

This is something I look forward to getting every year, I’ve got 1-24 on VHS and now on DVD. In fact the old videos are the only reason I still have a VCR, so what is it? Every year Don Cherry puts out an hour long highlight reel of the past season of hockey. It’s got the best hits, goals, plays, dangles and saves taken from every game. He also does a re-cap of the playoffs and shows the road to the cup (a must have DVD for LA Kings fans who won the cup last year). It’s a great way to re-live the best plays of the season.

Here is a quick preview of RS24

Where to buy: You can pick it up at most big box stores in Canada, and for only $12.99 you can order online via Amazon.ca
or if you are ordering from the states visit this link for Amazon.com

Team Apparel

I love wearing anything to do with hockey, t-shirts, sweaters, hats, if it’s got a Team Canada logo or Toronto Maple Leafs logo I’ll wear it! The problem is I’m cheap so I usually only buy t-shirts or a toque. Since winter is coming a toque or sweater with your hockey players favorite team logo on it would be a great gift! Maybe I will buy myself a team Canada sweater for Christmas :)

Where to buy: Local sports stores are a good place to look for a good selection. You can also browse on Amazon (just search for your team) and you might find some good deals. My girlfriend bought me the knit maple leafs toque in the link above and I wear it all the time.

The Gift of Skill

Every hockey player wants to be better, they want to score more goals, pull off sick dangles and deke people out. When I was 14 I saved up $100 and bought a VHS set called stickhandling beyond belief by Sean Skinner. I practiced all kinds of new moves and within a few months I had people telling me how I have improved. To this day I still use a lot of the moves I learned. This inspired me to start How To Hockey to share skills with others and also develop my Complete guide to stickhandling. The guide will prepare players mentally and physically to develop total control of the puck and be better hockey players. I include an 18 page e-book and 30 minute training video, if your hockey player doesn’t improve or learn anything I will give you a full refund.

Where to buy: You can order my stickhandling guide here (note: it is a digital product, all the training material is made available after payment so keep the private link handy to give to your hockey player)

You can also order stickhandling beyond belief on Amazon

New Gear

Every hockey player has some dirty old piece of equipment that is falling apart, worn out, or just plain stinks, whether it’s hockey pants, a helmet or a new hockey bag there is something that could use replacing.

Kids and Adults love getting new hockey gear for Christmas, when I was a kid most of my equipment came in the form of a Christmas gifts. The parents have to buy it anyways so you might as well pass it off as a gift right! The easiest thing to buy is a hockey stick, just take your kids to the store and they will tell you which ones they want!

If you are buying for an adult you can look at the stick they currently use, that will give you an idea of what curve, company, and flex they like. Some of the hot sticks this year are the Easton stealth RS, Easton Mako and the Bauer Total One. These are top end sticks though and run about $300 each!

Where to buy: Head to your local hockey store or you can shop online at hockeymonkey.com

Hockey Books

If your player likes to read then a Hockey Book might be a good gift. I’m not much of a reader but I do like to learn and I have found a few great books about improving hockey skill and understanding. A few friends of mine have also recommended some of the autobiographies written by former pro players.

  • Hockey plays and strategies (USA link) – Great for coaches, hockey parents and good for players as well. A great book for understanding the game and what you should be doing out on the ice. Some stuff is more advanced, but there is a lot of good info in here. It’s the type of stuff you will want to photocopy and hand out to your hockey team!
  • Complete Conditioning for Hockey (USA link) – I read the first version back in high school and learned a lot about conditioning and nutrition. This is the updated version with new workouts and new information, it’s great for any kid or adult who is serious about being in shape for hockey!
  • The Game by Ken Dryden, The boys of winter – These are a few of the most wished for hockey books in the US and both have A LOT of 5 start reviews. I’ve heard a few guys say the Ken Dryden book is amazing, and I have seen it recommended online, I have been meaning to pick it up.

Hockey Stocking Stuffers

Since stocking stuffers (hockey tape, pucks, etc) don’t really change that much I have decided to write an entire post about the best stocking stuffers for hockey players. I will update it each year with anything new that I find.

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  • Hockey Shot– 6 prize packs in total
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    • 2nd prize – Roll-up shooting pad, Green Biscuit, T-Shirt
    • 3rd prize – Pro sized shooting pad, Flypuck, T-shirt
    • 4th prize – Intermediate shooting pad, Green Biscuit, T-shirt
    • 5th prize – Super stickhandling package, T-shirt
    • Bonus prize – Mini sticks hockey net set

How to win

Just like this page on Facebook (using the link below) and then leave a comment letting us know what hockey related item you want for Christmas! If you see anything you like on this page you can share it on your friends or family’s wall as a hint 😉


The Best Stocking Stuffers for Hockey Players


As a hockey player I felt compelled to write a list of the coolest stocking stuffers for hockey players. I have played hockey since I was 4 years old and there are some things I will never get tired of getting in my stockings. The great things about most of these items is they are affordable and take up some space! Lets get right to it

A Green Biscuit

I have been raving about this puck since the first time I used it, and I have only heard good things about it. The first time I used it I was amazed at how well it slid on rough surfaces, I currently own about 10 of these, I keep a few in my hockey bag, a few in my coaching bag, and a few around the house. I let the kids on my hockey team use them to work on their hands before games. If you don’t know what this is or how it works you can check out my Green Biscuit review.

Where to order: Pick up a few on this page at Hockey Shot.com

Hockey Pucks

This one is a no-brainer. Pucks usually sell for about $1 each, pick up a few and drop them in the stocking. If you don’t have very many pucks you could always get about 50 pucks and give it as a gift, the more pucks the better!

Where to buy: I wouldn’t recommend buying pucks online because of shipping costs, unless you are already buying something else from a hockey store, then just add some pucks as well. Most sports stores will sell them for about $1 each

The PowerFoot

powerfoot-coupon-codeThis is a great stocking stuffer as it’s one of those gifts most hockey players don’t know they need YET. It’s a new product that’s designed to fit in the toe cap of the hockey skate to take up the extra space. The product claims to improve energy transfer and has a lot of testimonials to back it up. Any hockey player finding this in their stocking would find it an interesting and smart gift and would be excited to test it out!

Where to buy:  Shop on the PowerFoot website and use coupon code howtohockey to save 10%

Stickhandling Balls

These are also great to use almost anywhere when you want to work on your dangles, on a smooth surface I still prefer the Green Biscuit, but I still bust out these stickhandling balls from time to time. The wooden balls are VERY affordable and are nice and light, they are perfect for working on quick moves. The Smart Hockey balls are heavier a bit more expensive and are meant to feel just like a puck.

Where to order: Grab them on this page at Hockey Shot

Hockey Tape

I never get tired of getting hockey tape in my stocking. This is something that every kid usually needs, whether it is clear sock tape or tape for the hockey blade. The best part of getting hockey tape in the stocking was using it to tape the new stick I got under the tree!

Where to buy: Pick it up at your local hockey store, lots of cool colors and patterns are available but I find black and white stick the best to the blade.

New Laces

Check out your hockey players skates and see if there are some nicks, rips, or tears in them. The worst feeling when you are pulling those laces tight is having them rip in half just before you should be stepping on the ice.

Where to buy: Pick them up at your local hockey store. There are some cool colours available so get your kids favourite colour or team colours if you see them. Wax laces stay tight but can be annoying to tie and un-tie so make sure you check what type of laces they are before you buy.

The Comet Hockey Puck


I’ve just found out about this puck, and it looks like it could be a lot of fun for outdoor hockey (it does get dark pretty early)

The Comet puck lights up and makes it very easy to see in low light. I will be testing this puck out very soon, but in the mean time if you’d like to order you can do so below

order your pucks here

The Lit Biscuit

I thought this was kind of a dumb idea when I first saw it online, but when I got one to do a review of I realized it’s actually pretty cool. This puck has a light inside of it with windows on the top, bottom, and sides. It lights up great in the dark and is perfect for those of us who live in cold climates where it gets dark at 5:30pm. I can’t count how many pucks I lost trying to play hockey outside in the dark, this puck would be a lot of fun on those dark winter nights.

Where to order: They sell for $18 on Hockey Shot

The Magic Stick

I bought one of these about 5 years ago and it has saved me and my friends so many times. I (or someone on my team) use this on a regular basis. It is similar to having a stone for your skates, but it work’s 10 times better, it practically sharpens your skates for you. All you do is run it down your blade about 3 times and it takes off all the burs and puts a bit of an edge on. If you do it more than 3 times your skates will feel too sharp and you will need to slide back and forth a few times take the bite off. Check out the reviews on Amazon, 3 reviews, all 5 stars! One suggestion is to tie it to the inside of your bag with a long string so it doesn’t go missing 😉

Where to order: Some pro-shops have them but they have a good price on Amazon.com. Here is a cheap one (Link for Canadians) and this is the one I own and love (similar one on Amazon.ca)

Hockey Cards

I used to collect hockey cards when I was a kid so I always liked getting a few packs in my stockings. It was like a gift you can open twice, once when you get it in the stocking, and then you get to open the pack and see what players you got. If your kid is into hockey cards toss a few packs in their stocking

Where to buy: You can order packs online, and some convenient stores and big box stores in Canada have them.

Mini Sticks

As a kid the best workout I would get was during a good competitive game of mini sticks! I would go hard when playing mini sticks and some passions never die. While coaching an atom team last year I saw every kid on the team play mini sticks for a few hours at the hotel. The parent’s were worried they would use up all their energy before the real hockey game. Mini sticks are cheap and a lot of fun.

Where to buy: Most dollar stores in Canada have mini sticks for $1 each and mini stick balls $1 as well. If you want to go all-out you can get a full mini-sticks set with goalie sticks, mini sticks, balls and two mini hockey nets! It sells for $39.95 on Hockey Shot

Old Spice Body Wash

Everyone know’s that some guys can get pretty funky smelling after hockey, my hands used to stink even after showering. Believe it or not the other night my girlfriend smelled me after hockey and said MMMmmm hockey smell (she meant it in a good way), the reason, I have been using Old Spice body wash after and she loves the smell! The only deodorant I use is Old Spice, I’ve had people tell me they love my cologne and it’s just my Old Spice. If your man (or kids) play hockey drop a bottle of Old Spice body wash in their stocking and they can keep it in their bag so they can always smell girlfriend approved after hockey

Where to buy: Big box stores like Wal-Mart have old spice gift packs on sale around Christmas, if you just want the bottle just head to the body wash section


A Nice Warm Toque

Nothing beats a good game of outdoor hockey, I spent hours on my pond and at the local outdoor rink. I still remember a nice warm Toronto Maple Leafs toque that my dad bought for me when I was a kid, I would wear that hat and only that hat every time I played hockey on the pond. A warm hat is a great gift because the kids need it, and if the hat has their favourite teams logo on it they will wear it all the time!

Where to Buy: Keep an eye out at your local sports stores and big box stores, for a bigger selection you can browse on Amazon.com (just search for your favourite team!)

Ideas from Our Readers

  • A Mouthguard – This is good for the kids who are using a chewed up, or old and dirty mouthguard. For growing kids these should probably be replaced every year.
  • A repair kit – Great for coaches or for atleast one kid to have in his hockey bag. It comes with a small screw driver and various items you need to repair hockey equipment (great for helmets)
  • Stick wax – Blade butter was recommended by a reader so I have linked to it on Amazon. I have used a product like it and it is very sticky, great for better grip on the puck and it keeps snow from building up on the blade tape.

Let me know if I missed anything and I will add it to the list!



Best Christmas Presents for Hockey Players 2011

gongshow hockey sweater

For an updated list please see our 2015 edition of the best gifts for hockey players

Last year I wrote a guide for buying Christmas gifts for hockey players and it got a great response from our visitors. I thought I would update the list this year with some more cool Christmas gift ideas for hockey players. Here it is in no particular order

A hockey Shooting Pad

When I was a kid (about 13) I saved up $50 to buy a tiny piece of fake ice. I loved it and shot off of it almost every day. A hockey shooting pad will help your hockey player improve their stickhandling and shooting BIG TIME. The one I bought was tiny, but I used it for about 5 years until it got misplaced. These things are great and last forever, every hockey player should have one!

Where to buy a hockey shooting pad: Hockey Shot has a great variety of sizes and varieties (roll-up, pads, tiles, etc) Visit this page to shop. Use our coupon code   HOWHCKY001     to save $10 on orders over $100

back yard rinkAn Outdoor Rink

If you live in the colder regions of the world an outdoor hockey rink is the place to be in the winter. As a hockey player I spent quite a bit of time on our pond, I don’t know what I would have done in the winter without a place to play puck! (probably gone crazy) If you want to build your own rink you can use a rink kit, but you should probably order it right now and get started on building (early Christmas present)

Where to buy: If you want to make it really easy you can buy a backyard rink building kit from HockeyShot.com, they have a 20 x 40 which is a good starter rink for kids. If you’re looking for something bigger browse Nicerink.com, they can put together any size rink you need!

 Build your own: Here is a list of tips for building a backyard rink


A Green Biscuit

This is by far my favourite puck to use off the ice. I am VERY skeptical when it comes to hockey training aids and I thought this would be a huge gimmick and waste of money, but when I tried it for the first time I LOVED it. This thing slides like a dream on cement, no other off ice puck comes close to it. If you have a hockey player that likes to practice at home grab a few of these for them. Pro tip: If you order just one the shipping is almost as much as the puck, order a 4 or more and give them as a package. That way the player has extra in case they lose or break one.

Where to Buy: You can order these on this page of Hockey Shot. Use our coupon code     HOWHCKY001    to save $10 on orders over $100

A new Hockey Stick

I always loved getting a new twig for Christmas (my mom would hide it under the couch so I didn’t know I was getting a stick), I would imagine all the goals I would score with it, take my time putting on the perfect tape job, and then practice my dangles and shooting for a few days before I could use it on the ice. You can get some good deals for hockey sticks online

Where to buy: I have seen some really good deals on Hockey Monkey, check their clearance section for 50% or more off hockey gear

Rock’em Sock’em Hockey (Don Cherry Hockey)

Since I can remember I have gotten this video for Christmas, it has all the best hits, best goals, best plays and best saves from the previous season. This is like a new playbook every year, I would watch the movie over and over and practice the new goals and moves on my outdoor rink. I remember inviting my friends over on new years and we would all watch Rock’em Sock’em and then play some late night hockey (with the lights on our rink)

Where to buy:
The video above is Rock’em Sock’em 22, the newest version is Rock’em Sock’em Vol. 23 (amazon.ca link)

NHL 12 Video Game

When I was a kid I was playing Blades of Steel for Nintendo, or going to my friends house to play NHL 94 for Super Nintendo, needles to say the graphics are a lot better today but I think I have just as much fun playing NHL 12 as I did with NHL 94. If you hockey player is into video games you can always grab the newest hockey video game, I have it and it is a lot of fun!

Where to buy: You can get it here for XBOX 360 and here for PS3

nhl ticketsTickets to a Hockey Game

If you are looking for some good bonding time with your hockey fan then nothing beats going to a game with them. If you can’t afford NHL tickets you could always look for other semi-pro teams in your area, even a Junior A game will be exciting and a good time out with your favourite hockey player. In most areas NHL tickets are fairly affordable so take a look, the hockey player on your list will love you for it!

Where to buy: Ticketmaster.com is always a good place to look for pro sports, and semi pro hockey tickets.

A Hockey Net

EZ goal hockey net reviewIf your kid plays hockey, and does not have a net THEY NEED ONE. Also if their net is held together with duct tape and shoelaces they probably need a new one! When it comes to buying nets there are three categories

  • Road hockey nets
    • Usually made with plastic or VERY thin steel, these are useless to use with pucks as any shot harder then 20mph will either shatter the plastic (especially in cold weather) or bend the posts, the mesh is also pretty terrible. If you buy this type of net only use tennis balls on it
  • A recreational net
    • The are the nets that are solid enough to withstand the force of a puck. They vary in quality and the netting is usually all the same. For a good need look for 1.5 inch posts or bigger, and decent netting. The net I use and also recommend is the EZ-Goal. You can actually fold it up, it comes with targets and a backstop is optional (and recommended). The posts are durable and the netting is decent. I did need to repair the netting though, but I was shooting 100 shots a day for a while.
  • A regulation net
    • These nets are practically invincible, the only problem is they cost A LOT (starting at $600) and they are very heavy. If you do get this type of net you will want to buy it locally and not move it around too much.

Where to buy: Most road hockey nets can be found in your big-box stores, for a good recreational net I suggest the EZ-Goal you can Buy it here (Use our coupon code    HOWHCKY001     to save $10 on orders over $100), for a regulation net you should ask the guys at your local hockey rink on how to get one.

A Hockey Jersey of their Favourite Player

Every hockey player (kid, or adult) has a favourite NHL player, whether from the past or currently playing. A great gift for a hockey player is a jersey of their favourite hockey player. When I was a kid I got a Pavel Bure jersey and I wore it all the time. Right now I think it would be cool to get a vintage Wendel Clark Leafs jersey.

Where to buy: If you live where hockey is popular you can get custom jerseys at most sports stores, you can also shop online at Hockey Monkey otherwise try this page on Amazon

 Under Armour

I know this might sound like a lame gift (who wants socks and underwear right?) and I thought the same thing when my mom bought this for me one year. She asked the salesman at the store what hockey players like and he suggested this. I never wore it before my mom bought it for me and I didn’t plan on ever wearing it, but since then I have worn it every time I’ve stepped on the ice. Under armour really does make playing a bit more comfortable, it wicks the sweat away from your body and helps it evaporate. This helps keep your gear dry, makes it easier to do laundry, and also (I find) helps stop my gear from stinking.

Where to Buy: They make a lot of stuff so make sure you get the gear made for hockey. I have linked to the hockey pages for  Under Armour Canada (for Canadians) Under Armour USA

Hockey Swag from Gong Show Gear

Most hockey players would wear there jerseys to school if they didn’t smell so bad, but lets be honest you can’t wear a jersey to school everyday, that’s where Gong Show Gear comes in. They make sweet hockey swag for hockey players. Their entire line of clothing is made for hockey players, they have shirts, sweaters, hats, and more.

Where to Buy: Check out Gong Show Gear


Hockey Stocking Stuffers

Here is a quick list of ideas for stocking stuffers

The Obvious

  • Stick tape
  • Skate laces
  • Stick wax
  • A stone
  • Hockey Pucks

The Ultra Cool

  • Weighted Hockey Pucks
  • Stickhandling Balls
  • A Green Biscuit (or get a few and give it as a gift) my favourite off ice puck and all the kids on the hockey team I coach love it –Get it here (I recommend the Green Biscuit, and stickhandling balls as a combo)
  • Magic Stick – This is a cool tool that you can use to put an edge on your skates. I use it all the time when I forget to get my skates sharpened and it works much better than a stone! check it out here
  • Hockey Skate socks – I used to peel my dripping wet socks off my feet and slop them into my hockey bag where they would stew for about a month before I would wash about 10 pairs of them. Then I started skating barefoot to avoid that mess and ended up with stinky skates. Eventually I used hockey skate socks which are ultra moisture absorbent and nice and thin. I bought 4 pairs and use them about 2-4 times in a row before I even need to wash them, they are almost dry when I take them off! Check them out here
For more stocking stuffer ideas check out the stocking stuffer page on Hockey Shot


Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to everyone :D

How To Hockey Christmas Gift Contest

If you would like to be entered to win prizes all you need to do is like this post on facebook (twitter too if you are in the festive spirit) buttons are below for sharing and then leave a comment about what hockey item you want the most for Christmas. Remember to leave a valid email because that is how we will contact the winners


From HockeyShot.com

Grand prize of a hockey shooting pad, and two prize packs including a green biscuit and a stickhandling ball

From Gongshow Hockey

5 prize packs of one t-shirt and one hat

To enter just like this post on facebook and then leave a comment below telling us what hockey gift you want for Christmas!


Top 10 Gift Ideas for Hockey Players


A newer list has been published for 2015: Visit our hockey player gifts for 2015

If you have a hockey player in your family or group of friends then you might be looking for the perfect gift for them. Sometimes finding that perfect gift can be tricky, but when it comes to hockey players anything that has to do with hockey will be sure to make them grin from ear to ear! There are a lot of products out there, so I asked a whole bunch of hockey players* what they wanted for Christmas and the list below will help you get that perfect gift.

Top 10 Gift Ideas for Hockey Players

In no particular order, here is the top 10 list.

Outdoor Rink (synthetic or ice)back yard rink

You can’t exactly fit this under the tree, but an outdoor rink is the ultimate gift for anyone in the family. A lot of memories were created on our outdoor rink, and I credit our rink to 80% of my skill. There are some products that will help you out, but the best way to get started is to do your research.  Here is a list of tips for building a backyard rink and if you wan’t to make it really easy you can buy a backyard rink building kit

Rock’em Sock’emrockem sockem hockey 22

Every year for Christmas I would get Rock’em Sock’em (Don Cherry videos) I have 1-21 and this year #22 comes out. This is a non-stop highlight reel of the previous NHL season showing all the best goals, passes, plays, dekes, hits, and fights. I watch each one about 10 times before new years and I still reach back and watch the old ones on VHS. This is a must have for true hockey players and fans (I usually pick up a few new deke’s to use!) Buy it Here – this is a hot product, if it is sold out you can still order and they will ship when available.

Hockey shooting Surfacehockey shooting pad

We have reviewed the hockey shooting pads, tiles, and the Extreme passing kit. These are all great surfaces to practice stickhandling and shooting. If you want your kid (or kid at heart) to practice stickhandling and shooting then a smooth surface is all they need. BUY IT HERE – I recommend the roll-up pad with bungee cord, lots of room to practice with a pass rebounder.

Hockey Net / Backstopfolding hockey net

A hockey net is a great gift for any hockey player because they will get a lot of use out of it. The net will be great for pond hockey, or on a backyard rink during the winter, and great for road hockey and target practice in the summer. You can pick up the EZ-Goal that folds up for easy storage and the backstop which is a godsend when you are practicing shooting! BUY IT HERE – Comes with free targets!

Hockey Video Gamenhl 11

Whether it’s Blades of Steel or NHL 11 most hockey players love playing hockey video games, chances are the hockey player on your Christmas shopping list does too. You could reach back and get ice hockey for regular Nintendo, but the hot consoles this year are X-Box 360 and PS3. I am sure you already knew that though. The hot hockey game this year is NHL 11 you can get it here

New Stickhockey stick

A hockey stick is a great gift for any hockey player. If the person on your list plays high level hockey then you will want to spend around $150 or more on a stick, other wise they won’t want to use it. If you have a casual player they will be thrilled to get any composite stick. I recommend the Winnwell GX-8 as it feels like a $200 stick with only a $100 price tag!

New Hockey Equipmenthockey equipment

Whether it is new skates, a helmet, or protective equipment it seems around this time of year every hockey player could use a new something or another. If you are a parent of a hockey player you are going to have to buy new hockey equipment anyways, so you might as well pass it off as a Christmas gift! Some good sites for hockey equipment are Hockey Monkey, Total Hockey, Hockey Giant, or search for a deal here.

Quick Stickzquicksticks

I recently did a QuickStickz review, this device hooks up to your computer and uses a stickhandling ball as the controller. You can complete drills and games online to improve your skills. This is a great way to encourage a kid to practice their stickhandling, and keep their head up. You can get the QuickStickz and a free three month membership on their official website.

Tickets to the Gamenhl tickets

Nothing is more exciting than watching your home town hockey team play their hearts out. If you live near a city with an NHL team then tickets for you and your special hockey player is a great idea. If you don’t have an NHL team maybe there is another team around. I have watched everything from Junior up to AHL and they are all fun to watch, and a good night out. If you are looking for cheap tickets check out Save Fans, where you can negotiate the price with other fans and get cheap tickets.

Jersey of their favourite player or teammaple leafs jersey

Most hockey players are also hockey fans, find out who their favourite hockey player in the NHL is and pick up one of their Jersey’s. You can get NHL Jersey’s at most hockey stores, if you are looking for a rare jersey or a good deal you can try searching here

Stocking Stuffers

Here is a quick list of ideas for stocking stuffers

The Obvious

  • Stick tape
  • Skate laces
  • Stick wax
  • A stone
  • Hockey Pucks

The Ultra Cool

  • Weighted Hockey Pucks
  • Stickhandling Balls
  • A Green Biscuit (my favourite off ice puck and all the kids on the hockey team I coach love it) –Get it here (I recommend the Green Biscuit, and stickhandling balls as a combo)
  • Magic Stick (it really does work great, I love it!)

For more stocking stuffer ideas check out the stocking stuffer page on Hockey Shot

*Special thanks to everyone from  “the rink” at HF Boards, Reddit Hockey, and the fans of How To Hockey on Facebook for helping me compile this list!

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to everyone 😀