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Do you want to become a better hockey player? You are in the right place. I want to help you improve Hockey tips are sorted in the navigation bar above (Stickhandling, shooting, skating, etc) You can also browse and subscribe to our Hockey Training channel on Youtube

The Secret to Balance, Speed, and Power

December 6, 2013
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Do you keep falling over, do you get off balance, are you easily knocked off the puck? You should be more like Sidney Crosby, his personal trainer explains he’s so hard to knock off the puck because he stays low This is the second article in our how to skate series and it covers a […]

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How to Build a Backyard Hockey Rink

November 27, 2013

The Quick Explanation of building a rink The best way to build a backyard rink that will give you the most skating time, and require the least amount of maintenance is to basically build a temporary above ground pool. The basic components you need are brackets, boards, and a liner. Brackets and boards can be […]

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Proformance Hockey Wax Review

November 17, 2013
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Taping your hockey stick is a regular job for every hockey player. For most players taping the stick is somewhat of a ritual, they do it so many times that they develop different techniques, habits and beliefs of the way they like their tape job. There are many ways to tape a hockey stick, and […]

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Proper Hockey Stance: The Importance of Knee Bend

November 17, 2013
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This is our first video in a series of skating videos. In the series we will be teaching the fundamentals of skating. Our goal is to help new hockey players understand the basics of skating for hockey, and help experienced players tweak their technique for maximum effectiveness. In this video and article we are covering […]

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Best Christmas Gifts for Hockey Players – 2013 Edition

November 12, 2013
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See our best gifts 2014 edition for new ideas Every year I publish an article showcasing the best gifts for hockey players. This year has some really cool new additions and many of the classics. If you want to purchase anything on the list just follow the links provided also don’t forget to check out […]

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New Extreme Passing Kit Review

November 10, 2013
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HockeyShot has released a new Extreme Passing Kit (shooting pad and pass rebounder combined) that has been redesigned and improved to help hockey players work on their shooting, passing, stickhandling and one-timers at home. The Extreme Passing Kit will help you improve almost every hockey skill except for skating. In this article and video I […]

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How to Skate (for Hockey Players)

November 6, 2013
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I am happy to present our newest video series that will teach you how to skate. These videos are specifically for hockey players. Hockey players will skate differently than figure skaters and public skaters. In hockey we want speed, power and agility. I will be posting new videos every week until the series is finished. […]

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Bantam Hockey Drills

October 26, 2013
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If you are a Bantam coach looking to give your players a good skate, challenge them, and also run a few fun hockey drills then you are in luck. I have found a number of great hockey drills put together by the Ontario Minor Hockey Association. These are all available in PDF (download link at […]

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Get More Power on Your Backhand

October 8, 2013
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As part 2 of the backhand challenge (be sure to sign up to our newsletter to join our next challenge!) I wanted to teach you how to get more power on your backhand shots. In this post I have a new video for taking backhands from further away, as well as a number of videos […]

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Easton Mako Skate Review

October 5, 2013
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Last year I caught wind of the Easton Mako and heard that it was going to break a lot of new ground when it came to hockey skates. Easton was working with a former speed skater-turned-hockey-skating-coach to design a new “faster” skate. In fact he started his own skate company and Easton bought it to […]

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