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Connor McDavid Skating and Stickhandling Drills

When looking for drills, people often look to the pro’s. What is Crosby doing? What is Patrick Kane doing? But they ALREADY made it. Sure we might be able to get some tips or exciting drills, but the better question is, what did they do to make it to that level.

In the two videos below I share some drills that Connor McDavid was doing when he was 13 years old. These drills are still pretty advanced, and I’d bet a lot of experienced players wouldn’t be able to do them as well as McDavid does in the videos. Remember, It’s all about repetition. If you try these drills and aren’t very good, let that be motivation to keep on trying.

Thank you Dan from Beyond The Next Level for providing this footage.

Connor McDavid Stickhandling Drills

In this video we go through 4 clips of McDavid at 13 years old training. I break down each drill to give you a better understanding of the movements. Most of the drills focus on soft touch stickhandling and lateral movement from the feet.

Connor McDavid Skating Drills

In this video we see McDavid going through a number of skating, shooting, and stickhandling drills. You’ll notice a lot of them focus on quick change of speed and direction which is very important to train at higher levels of hockey.

Thanks again to Dan at BTNL for the footage. He trains a lot of pro’s in the summer at his facility, to see what they get up to check out his instagram page.

PhotoGrid_1469281707299If you want more hockey training videos I am always sharing new videos on social media all my profiles are linked in my author bio below. You can also download my Dangle Time App on iTunes for challenging and fun stickhandling drills on your phone.

Coach Jeremy