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Taking 10,000 shots just got easier!

We’re excited to announce the release of our free 10,000 Shots app! You may have heard of the ten thousand shot challenge before but if you haven’t, it’s name pretty much sums it up. Players can improve their shot by regularly practicing (shooting 10,000 pucks) and our app aims to make it simpler than ever to track their progress, learn new shooting skills, and compete with teammates on the road to ten thousand shots.

We wanted to make it easier, more fun, and more motivating for players to track not just how many shots they’ve taken, but how many of each type of shot. We even included some free lessons on shooting right within the “Learn” tab of the app.

To download the 10,000 Shots app click the download button below.

A few tips to get you started

While working on your shot, it’s important to focus on the fundamentals, that way you’ll get the most out of your practice time. Be focused, and put in a good effort and you’ll see big improvements. Here are some tips for your wrist shot

Tips for your snapshot

We have more tips inside the app, it’s 100% free and made to help hockey players improve their skills. There are no ads, and no in-app sales, Haden and I created this to give back to our fans and help anyone, anywhere get better

Haden Hiles

100% of merch sales during the month of November 2021 will be going to Heros Hockey

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Take the 10,000 Shot Challenge

See how much you can improve your shot after taking 10,000 shots! It's important to work on all different styles of shots, which is why we've designed this app so you can track each type of shot with ease.

Invite your teammates and see who can reach 10,000 shots first!

10,000 Shots

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