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Roll up Shooting Pad – Extreme Passing Kit Review


This is our review of the Extreme passing kit which you can find for sale on this page

As a hockey player you should always be looking for ways to improve your skills. When I was a kid I would practice my shooting and stickhandling on a regular basis in my parents barn, but the biggest problem was finding a good surface to stickhandle on.

extreme passing kitTrust me, I tried everything, I kept my eyes open for nice smooth surfaces, I used Plexiglas, laminate flooring, particle board, cardboard….everything. Despite my best efforts, the best surface I ever found was $50 at National Sports for a tiny hockey shooting pad. I used it until it turned black, and eventually misplaced it, but I loved it and I actually practiced a lot more because I knew I had a decent surface to stickhandle on, and shoot from.

Now that I am a bit older I want to help other players who may be going through the same thing I am, so that is why I like to review new products and test them out, it gives other hockey players a chance to see what they are like, and if they are worth buying!

The Extreme Passing Kit Review

extreme passing kit - hockey skillpad

The Extreme passing kit is a product by hockey shot that is meant to provide hockey players with a smooth surface for stickhandling and shooting, and also a pass rebounder for players to practice passing and one-timers.

Compared to Other Products

The extreme passing kit is similar to the tape 2 tape, and the hockey skill pad, but cheaper with a larger surface area and not so bulky

Out of the Box

The passing kit comes rolled up in a large box.The box is about 4 feet tall, and a foot wide


The extreme passing kit is 8 feet long and 4 feet wide, giving you plenty of room to line up a bunch of pucks in a row for rapid fire slapshots, or practice a few moves before you test them out on the ice.


You can buy this product for $139.95 on this hockeyshot page you can save $10 if you put in our coupon code HOWHCKY001 that means you get an 8×4 roll up shooting pad, along with a pass rebounder for $129, at that price you get the best value, and you will get a lot more use out of the pad than if you bought a smaller one.

Set-up instructions

You don’t have to do much to start shooting. The “extreme passing kit” is basically just a roll-up shooting pad with a pass re-bounder built into it. The key is to get the passing kit nice and flat before you start practicing. In order to get it really flat I was told it should be laid flat with something heavy on it for a few days.

For my roll-up shooting pad I just put a sheet of plywood on top, and that worked great!

Detailed Review of the Extreme Passing Kit

Hockey skill pad reviewThe kit is pretty simple, like I said before it is a roll-up shooting pad with a pass re-bounder. In the picture to the left you can see the re-bounder. The concept is pretty simple, a bungee cord attached to two posts. Could you make something like that yourself? Yeah probably, but this is done professionally, and it is really solid, so you don’t have to struggle with it to get it to work

The bungee cord posts are attached to the back with a solid steel (I think it is aluminum) backing.

Bungee cord vs elastic band – A lot of puck re-bounders in the past have used elastic bands, the problem with these is that the band tends to break after extended use. The Extreme passing kit uses a bungee cord because they are known to last a lot longer than a simple elastic band.

How does the puck slide?

The puck slides great on the shooting pad, one thing I like about the passing kit is the size. My previous shooting pad was big, but this one is huge! I can actually stand on it and pull a few moves. The puck moves just as well on the roll up shooting pad as it does on a hockey shooting pad, and the dry land hockey training tiles. If you want to get even closer to the on ice feeling I recommend the Green Biscuit, you can even use it on rough surfaces.


Passing is simple, just pass the puck into the bungee cord and it comes back to you. If you have a bad pass (wobbly) the puck will either go over the bungee cord, or come back, but flip over a bit.

If the shooting pad is not nice and flat, the puck will be more likely to roll over the bungee cord and not come back to you. The roll up pad comes rolled up, so to get it flat you should put something heavy around the edges for a few days. I put a sheet of plywood on top and it worked great.


one timer hockeyI had a lot fun of practicing my one-timers with this product. It can’t get any simpler, pass the puck into the bungee cord, wind up, then shoot. I would definitely recommend the extreme passing kit rather than just getting one that attaches to a smaller shooting pad. With a smaller shooting pad you will not have a lot of time to set up.

The roll-up shooting pad / extreme passing kit is 8 feet long, so you have a lot of time to set up the one timer. I think this is important because it allows you to focus on proper form and technique.

You can also move the shooting pad around and practice receiving a one timer from different angles.


This one is a no-brainer, the roll up pad is perfect for shooting. With some of the small hockey shooting pads you will run out of room if you want to do a full wrist shot with a nice big wind-up.

With the extreme passing kit you can use a full wind-up and then some. Slapshots are great, I was hammering them at full force and the shooting pad held up to all my abuse. Another great option is lining up a bunch of pucks all along the pad, being 8 feet long you can put a puck every foot and practice rapid fire slapshots.

Overall Thoughts

In the penalty box

There are only a few things I would like to mention about the extreme passing kit. The first one is that if  you REALLY fire a puck into the bungee cord it will not send the puck back, I don’t see any point in passing them full force into the bungee cord though so that was not really a problem for me.

The next would be if you have ripples in the shooting pad, and then give a hard pass into the bungee cord, the puck may come a bit off the pad and then go over the bungee cord. I only had this problem if I tried using the extreme passing kit right after I un-rolled it. For the best results, just make sure the roll up shooting pad is nice and flat

On the scoreboard

I really like the fact that I can practice stickhandling, passing, shooting, and one-timers all with one product. Here are a few benefits of the roll up shooting pad

hockey tape 2 tape

  • Fairly easy to transport ( a bit of a pain to roll up, use a belt to keep it rolled up) much easier to move than a regular hockey shooting pad of the same size
  • Puck slides great
  • Puck re-bounder works well
  • Lies nice and flat
  • Allows hockey players to practice a number of skills
  • Large area is great for practicing a bunch of different stickhandling moves comfortably
  • Good for practicing the one-timer

If there were a product like this when I was younger I would have bought it in a heartbeat. I am a firm believer in spending money on good products, especially if they will help you better yourself, or improve a skill. Money comes and goes, but when you learn a new skill it will stick with you forever.

Extreme Passing Kit Video Review

In this video we give you a detailed extreme passing kit review. I show you a close up of the product, show you how big it is, how the puck slides, and how the pass rebounder works.

Where to Buy the Extreme Passing Kit

If you want to buy the passing kit then check out the hockey shooting pads on Hockey Shot don’t forget to use our coupon to save $10 HOWHCKY001


Hockey Shooting Pad Review

shooting board review

The Guys over at hockeyshot were kind enough to send us some awesome hockey training products for us to review. The first training product we reviewed is the first item you should buy if you want to work on stick handling and shooting; and if you use our coupon (bottom of page) you get $10 off orders over $100, plus we get a bit of money to help pay for pucks (everybody wins). This is our review of the pro hockey shooting pad

The hockey shooting pad we are reviewing is 60inches x 30inches, 3/16 inches thick. When I first got the shooting pad I thought, wow that’s big! I was used to shooting off of a small piece of synthetic ice so I couldn’t wait to test out a big one. First I gave it a thorough inspection.

Cheapo Alert Some people are using home made shooting pad alternatives. I have tried to make my own shooting pad, and the biggest problem I have is that they crack VERY easily. If you are going to practice a lot (especially if you plan on taking slapshots) save yourself some time and money and just get a good product from the start.

First look at the hockey shooting pad

Hockey Shooting Board

Ok, so I couldn't resist taking some shots on the board when it came in the mail. That explains the stick tape marks. Don't worry, your board will come nice and white!

I like the size of the pad, with a smaller pad I was fairly limited to what I could do. For younger players a small shooting pad is good for shooting and a bit of stickhandling, but if you are older you will find you run out of real estate fairly quickly.


I ran my hand down the surface and it felt very smooth. I grabbed a puck right away (not hard to find at my house) and slid it back and forth, the result? the sticker says “feels like ice” well, it isn’t cold, but that puck sure does slide nicely.


This board is 3/16 inches thick, sounds thin but it is actually pretty solid compared to other shooting pads. The first shooting pad I bought as a kid was a lot thinner, I used it quite a bit and after three years (when it went missing) it was still in great shape, so a thicker pad should last decades. The material used for this shooting pad looks very durable, which means it should last A LOT longer than that piece of warped plywood you have been shooting off of 😉

Portability shooting board review

For such a big shooting pad it is still fairly portable. It comes with a handle which makes moving it a lot easier. You can easily tuck this board away, and pull it out when you want to improve your hockey skills.

If you want to take it to the park or a friends place, you would be fine with a truck, van, wagon or SUV, even a car with fold down seats might work. I did have some trouble getting it into my car, although it is a two door.

The pad is also a great way to reduce wear on your blade. I went through a lot of sticks and money when I used to practice shooting right off the pavement or asphalt


  • Junior – 24 inches wide by 48 long and  1/8 of an inch thick
  • Intermediate 28 inches wide by 52 inches long and 3/16 of an inch thick
  • Professional shooting pads which are 30 inches wide by 60 inches long and 3/16 of an inch thick.

Shooting pad sizes for hockey

Taking it to the street

This would not be a real review without us using and abusing this board. We took the hockey shooting pad to an outdoor rink. We also shot this video that shows us testing the shooting pad.

we were really mean to it. We took about 1000 slapshot, tested it for stick handling and shooting and it definitely did exactly what it is designed to do.

The result?


The pad is great for stickhandling with a normal puck, the puck will flip up from time to time, but the better you are at stickhandling the less times the puck flips up ( great way to get nice soft hands) You could also use a stick handling ball or puck alternative like the green biscuit for an even smoother ride (also available at hockeyshot)

There is lots of room to practice dribbling ( moving the puck quickly back and forth) and wider moves. There is also a lot of room to practice toe drags, and even room to put down some obstacles to stick handle around.

shooting pad for hockey

Great for toe drags!


The hockey shooting pad is great for… Well…shooting!

Wrist shots – If you are going to practice shooting on a regular basis I definitely recommend this pad (60 x 30 hockey shooting pad). The pad gives enough room for a full wrist shot, and then some. I find with smaller pads I was not practicing proper wrist shot form because I did not have enough room to pull the puck back, step into it, and then really rifle it at the net.

Slapshots – A big pad is great for slapshots as well. The shooting pad is fairly wide so I like put the wide side facing the net and then line up a row of pucks. This allows me to take a bunch of shots without resetting after every shot.


We beat this thing up quite a bit and it definitely stood up nicely. We hammered close to 1000 slapshots at full power and the only marks on the board were from hockey tape, which can easily be wiped off (you know, if you are into cleaning). I think the board will take a fair amount of abuse, which means it is going to last a very long time!

Overall Thoughts

This is definitely a great tool to have if you want to practice and improve your stickhandling and shooting. The hockey shooting pad is probably the closest you can get to real ice, at a very reasonable price. I get the itch to play hockey a lot and I find just having the board around motivates me to practice more, because it is the closest thing I have to shooting and stickhandling at the rink.

If you want to buy a hockey shooting pad visit hockeyshot.com and use this coupon HOWHCKY001 for $10 off orders over $100