How Will Soccer Help Your Hockey Skills?

How Will Soccer Make You A Better Hockey Player?

Soccer is great to play on a team, with friends, or by yourself just kicking the ball against a wall, or even practicing some moves. I think the biggest improvement players would notice after a few good soccer sessions would be their improvement in foot speed and their ability to play the puck with their feet. I remember when Ken and I spent a few hours in the driveway playing soccer with a road hockey ball. From that day on I would frequently use my feet in hockey, and I noticed a lot of times that using my feet helped me make plays that I otherwise would not be able to do. If you or your child play soccer here are a few skills that might carry over into hockey  

Skills that will transfer to hockey from Soccer  

  • Foot speed and foot skills
  • Acceleration and speed (your legs get a great workout)
  • Cardio, aerobic and anaerobic energy systems
  • Ability to read plays and make plays
  • Fakes and dekes (shoulder and head fakes)
  • Sportsmanship and team play
  • Quick movements and changing direction
  • Great for defensemen


I have summed up a few skills that I think players would notice the most. I think that defensemen would get the most benefit from playing defense on a soccer team because they will need to always be reading plays, and will also use their feet again. Some of the best defensemen I know were great with their feet, one move I use is putting the puck through the legs of the D, the better the defensemen the faster I have to be, or I need to use one deke first, then put it through their legs on the second move.  If tennis, squash and soccer are not for you I have one more sport to mention, Lacrosse

Thanks to kmad from Reddit hockey for this great tid bit of info: “Sedin twins are notorious for playing soccer in the dressing room. In the early parts of the decade they had the whole team into it.”

After doing some research I found out that the Sedin twins played hockey and soccer when they were younger, they both played soccer on the Swedish junior national team, and had offers to play soccer for a club in Stockholm, but they chose hockey.

 Photo credit Ronaldo F Cabuhat

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  1. Reply Romain September 25, 2011 at 1:45 pm

    Hi ! Nice website 🙂

    I played hockey during 4 years 10 years ago…

    I played defensemen, and now I took back my place on the first line, as a defensemen 🙂

    I play soccer (indoor, 5v5), it help a lot to read the play, and read solutions to other defense, it help anticipation and being more calm before taking a decision under pressure.

    So I am ok with what you saitd, but soccer how we play it in france (we call football 11v11 soccer, and soccer 5v5 indoor on synthetic) helps a lot in reading and looking for small spaces to make the play.

    Thank you for your website !

  2. Reply Harry August 31, 2010 at 3:05 pm

    I must say this is so true. I’m Spanish and our national sport here’s soccer. I’ve played it for years and I’m still doing, but I also play hockey and there are some kind of passes used in soccer that actually work really well on hockey.

    I love your tips and drills, greetings from Spain!

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