Elite Power Skating Video

This power skating video is part 2 in the series of 3. This video show’s power skating drills that incorporate stick handling and puck control. Incorporating stick handling into power skating drills is a good way to build a players ability to control the puck in many situations. While most power skating drills should focus on skating, technique and power, it is important to also include some puck control in order to help the player become more rounded.

This series of videos show’s helpful power skating techniques, these drills are important for elite hockey players to help bring them to the next level.  To see more power skating drills for hockey you can view the next, or previous posts.

The bands that the hockey player is wearing help keep the stride even, and build power. This is a common resistance training technique.

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  1. Reply Gabby August 3, 2012 at 1:18 pm

    I wish that I had enough ice time for that! If I did it on the driveway with roller skates I would probably kill myself.

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