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Power Skating Drills

Power Skating

Power skating is very important if you want to build your strength, acceleration and technique. If you are serious about playing hockey then you should implement many power skating drills into your practice. All of the power skating techniques shown in these videos are for on ice development, however this does not mean you have to rent a rink to practice! Shovel your pond off, find an out door rink, shovel off the ice on the lake, or build a rink in your backyard! (for us in the northern climates) Power skating is crucial to improving your game, after all the easiest way to get past the defense is to skate right past them. Stickhandling is great when you need it, but why stick handle around 3 players and risk losing the puck when you could possibly skate past them for a one on one with the goalie?
I will save the rants for some of my stickhandling articles. This is the 3rd video of 3 about power skating

You should try to power skate anytime you can. If your hockey team is leaving the ice after a practice, or the guys are getting off the ice after shinny and the zamboni is not coming on the ice yet, grab the net and push it as hard as you can around the ice a few times. Power skating is a great way to improve your game!
I hope you enjoyed the 3 power skating videos, and feel free to share this site with friends. Also thanks to CoachWalt on youtube for putting these videos up.

Coach Jeremy

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