How To Hockey

Off Ice Hockey Training Program

Hey guys, I get a lot of emails asking me about hockey training, workouts, nutrition and so on. I usually recommend the book complete conditioning for hockey. Although this book is older I find it has a lot of good information in it, but recently I found a really good hockey training program that I just had to share with the readers of this blog. A lot of subscribers to how to hockey have already signed up! Here is a sneak peak inside the online hockey training program

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More Information

If you would like to sign up or get more information visit the about page to learn more

What you Get

  • Workouts designed by Chad Moreau, former strength and conditioning consultant for the Edmonton Oilers and MANY NHL players
  • Hockey specific workouts that will improve your fitness and hockey skills
  • Set goals for which skill you want to improve (speed, acceleration, shot power, etc) and get a custom workout program and hockey workout schedule specifically made for you
  • Registration is easy and if you don’t like the program or are too busy you can quit any time
  • Check out the about page for more information

Coach Jeremy