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How To Do the Datsyukian Deke

The Datsyukian deke is probably the most magnificent feat I have ever seen a hockey player perform on more than one occasion. When performed properly this move sends the goalie to the OTHER SIDE of the net, giving the player a completely empty net to score on and with Datsyuk behind the wheel he usually shelfs the puck just for extra style points. Before showing you the video on how to do the Datsyukian deke I will show you the move in all it’s glory below.

Thee Datsyukian Deke

This is the first time he pulled this beauty off, sorry not available in HD.

What Pavel Datsyuk is doing in this deke


The trick to this deke is doing everything very quickly, and at the last possible moment. This forces the goalie to react to your fake, because if he doesn’t react you could score (if of course you were not faking the shot)

  1. Skate with the puck IN FRONT of your body, this tells the goalie you have to either deke left or deke right and keeps him in the center of the net
  2. When you get to about the hash marks you move the puck to your shooting side. This tells the goalie you are probably going to shoot, he moves over a bit to your shooting side to line up with the puck
  3. Show some blade and push the puck towards the side (whatever your shooting side is) of the net. This forces the goalie to attempt to save the potential shot
  4. At the very last second roll the blade over and catch the puck with the back of your blade while simultaneously turning your front skate
  5. Now with the puck on the back of the blade of your stick, and your skate turned across the crease you pull the puck back, cut across the top of the crease and watch the goalie sprawl out with no chance in H-E double hockey sticks to stop you
  6. Score on empty net
  7. Sounds complicated, so watch the video below

How to do the Datsyukian Deke

This video explains the Datsyukian deke, he does have quite a few moves up his sleeve so if you want to learn them all (and about 20 moves in total) check out my Goalie Buster course (link at the bottom of this article)

More examples of the Datsyukian Deke

Claude Giroux does a great rendition against the Maple Leafs

Ryan Getzlaf also pulled this move in 2006 (also not in HD)

If you’ve got some questions you can ask below or on theĀ Pavel Datsyuk – datsyukian deke video page on Youtube or in the comments below.

Want to learn more dekes

I recently released the Goalie Buster breakaway course and have gotten a great response so far. If you become a member you will learn about 20 moves, where and when to use them, plus lots of other great tips for scoring on the goalie. Plus I’m selling it for $10 off for the Spring / Summer.

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