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Join the Hockey Community – Get More Ice Time!

The Hockey Community is a new website that I know is going to be a household name among hockey players in no time. The site allows hockey players to follow arenas in their area. If someone is organizing a game they can post it on the site, and everyone who follows that rink will be notified. This is a great way to organize pick-up games, and a great way for hockey players to get more ice time and meet new people.

Here are some of the features on HC that will make life easier for hockey players:
1. Follow your favourite ice rinks: You can stay informed of the activity happening at each rink.  For example, you will receive a weekly digest of the games needing players.
2. Organize a game: You can organize a game to find players based on their position and skill level.  This can also be shared on the user’s Facebook profile with a link to our website to help fill the spots.
3. Suggestion tool: We use algorithms to make suggestions that are specific to each user’s preference.  For example, if there are no games organized in the rinks you follow, we will suggest games at the closest ice  rinks.
4. Access to over 2600 ice rinks within Canada instantly thanks to our instant search form.
5. Hockey Facts: Users are able to add their own hockey fact on our platform which can also be re-tweeted to our own twitter account.
6. Partnership with Ice Rinks: We’re close to having a system so every rink in Canada would be able to put their free ice times. We’re already working with the entire city of Vancouver to set this up.
7. Community participation: This is one of the most important aspects of HC. We want to know what hockey players want us to work on and how we can make hockey more accessible to them.

It is really easy to sign up, and I already have. It might be a bit empty on the site right now, but they are getting new members around the clock and they have been featured on CBC (and How To Hockey :D)

You can sign up here

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