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Should you tweak your stride? – Slow motion forward stride analysis

Seeing something in slow motion is a great way to grasp concepts. I love just watching techniques in slow motion so I can notice minor details. Unfortunately there isn’t a lot of good slow motion footage available, so when I had the chance to record my own I jumped on it. In this video I break down the acceleration phase of the forward stride and show you how the stride changes as speed increases. I hope these observations can help newer players understand how to improve their acceleration and speed.

In this video

  • First we look at the blade contact
    • In early strides their is no glide
    • As the speed increases glide increases during the stride
  • Next we look at push angle
    • In the first few strides the push is nearly straight back
    • As speed increases the push is more to the side
  • Last we look at arm swing
    • In my opinion the arms should counter the legs
    • Arm swing starts more front to back, but as speed increases and the push changes more to the side, the arm swing also changes to be more side to side

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Coach Jeremy

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