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How to take a Snapshot in Hockey

As a hockey player there are two shots that you should practice ALL the time until you are a master of both, the wrist shot and the snapshot. The wrist shot will provide you with a very powerful and accurate shot, while the snapshot will give you an accurate shot with a very quick release. The ...


Drills to Train for Shooting Accuracy

Practicing your shot can get a bit old if you are shooting on a regular basis, so I made a video showing a few drills that will make shooting a bit more fun. These drills are meant to test your accuracy, and also give you a goal to try to beat. I have embedded the video below, and underneath the ...


Snapshot / Wristshot Challenge – Summer 2012

Last summer I worked on my slapshot and ended up increasing my slapshot speed by 20 MPH. If you want some help with your slapshot you can see the basics and links to other related videos and articles on our how to take a slapshot article, but this summer I want to see how much I can improve my ...


Tips to Safely Block a Shot in Hockey

Hey guys, we are pumped for the new hockey season and will be trying our best to get videos and articles up as quickly as possible. In this video we are on the ice again and sharing tips on how to safely block a shot in hockey. Remeber that blocking a shot is always dangerous, but you can help ...


The Ultimate Off Ice Training Combo

I know that a lot of people will want to keep their hockey skills sharp over the summer. Every spring after a month or so without playing hockey I start to get the itch to play. I love hockey, and I not only want to play, but I also want to keep my skills sharp. I recently found a great combination ...


How to Shoot While Skating

We have had a number of requests for a video on how to shoot while skating. Ken and I went out the other day and shot a few videos, so far we have two up on youtube with another one coming soon. So far we have the slapshot, and the snapshot so that is what I will cover in this article How to take ...


How to Take a Snapshot – Off Ice Tutorial

The snapshot is a very important shot in hockey. When players first start playing they will learn how to perfect the wrist shot, the backhander, and later the slapshot. Some hockey players will naturally learn the snapshot, but others have to be taught, and in my opinion it is better to learn the ...


Complete Guide to the Hockey Stick Curve

Hockey Stick Curve Guide

I hear a lot of requests on hockey forums like modsquad hockey and the rink on hfboards.com about the curve of a hockey stick. Questions like "what is the best curve for shooting", "what is the best curve for a toe drag", "what curve should I use for saucer passes, or to score more goals". I ...


How to Improve Slapshot Accuracy

Slap shot accuracy

For the last few months a lot of our readers have been participating in the slapshot challenge where we have shown you how to take a slapshot, how to improve your slapshot power, slapshot tips and where slapshot power comes from. Now we are going to take a break from learning to break the glass ...


Two Types of Wrist Shots

Two types of wrist shots

Yes there are two types of wrists shots in hockey, yet I am amazed at how many people are unaware of this fact. A newcomer to the game of hockey asked for some wrist shot tips in a popular hockey forum. Many beer leaguers who have been playing hockey for years tried to help. The problem was that ...


How to Improve Slapshot Power

How to improve slapshot power by flexing the stick

As part of our slapshot challenge it is our mission to help you improve slapshot power and accuracy. In this article we will show you how to turn your muffin of a slapshot into a howitzer. Proper slapshot technique Proper technique is the most important aspect of your slapshot, in fact by using a ...


How and When to Shoot Low in Hockey

A lot of hockey players like to snipe the top corners, and why wouldn't you? It looks pretty and makes you look like a pro. The only problem is that when you start getting better at hockey, so do the goalies. Goalies love to rob players with their flashy glove saves, or brilliant blocker saves. In ...


How to do the Scoopy Puck Move

Remember back in 1996 when Mike Legg was playing for Michigan State, went behind the net, scooped the puck up on his stick and put it top shelf? Fast forward 10 years and Sidney Crosby does a perfect repeat of the Mike Legg goal. The question is, what should we call this move? The Crosby move, ...


Wrist Shot Videos

Wrist shot videos

Wrist Shot for Beginners This video teaches you how to take a wrist shot in under a minute. I show you every single motion that is involved in the wrist shot. When browsing on YouTube I was sick of long winded, boring videos that fail to mention important aspects of the wrist shot. I went out and ...


Slapshot Challenge

Slapshot Challenge Over the summer of 2010 we had a slapshot challenge where we challenged hockey players from around the world to improve their slapshot. This was our first contest and the blog was still a bit new, but we had over 200 people sign up and participate. We posted articles with ...


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