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Snapshot / Wristshot Challenge – Summer 2012

Last summer I worked on my slapshot and ended up increasing my slapshot speed by 20 MPH. If you want some help with your slapshot you can see the basics and links to other related videos and articles on our how to take a slapshot article, but this summer I want to see how much I can improve my wrist shot and snapshot. I also want to help others improve their shot so I am doing a case study and sharing all the little things that help me along the way.

Wristshot / Snapshot challenge Details

  • Current speed of wrist shot and snapshot about 50 MPH
  • Shooting 100 + pucks a day (taking the odd day off of course)
  • Goal is to reach 60 MPH consistently
  • Using a hockey radar gun to track my progress
  • Will update my status every week or so via our Youtube, our Facebook or this blog

Snapshot / Wristshot Challenge First Week

Wrist Shot and Snap shot one month Later

Here is a video of me shooting after one month of tweaking my shots with the Radar Gun. I noticed a few little tricks that REALLY helped my snap shot.

Finale of the Wrist Shot / Snapshot Challenge

After a few months of shooting and a little bit of slacking off I was able to improve my shot quite a bit. My average speed was about 50MPH and now it’s close to 60MPH with a top speed of 64MPH.

Hockey Training Aids I Use

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  • EZ Goal + Backstop – Had these for about 2 years, still holding up but the posts are dented, and the net is ripped. For the price I say it’s a good deal, but if you have a hard shot you will beat the net up a bit. It’s your best option unless you want to pay $600 + for an actual regulation on-ice net, but those things are HEAVY! Check out my ez goal review
  • Roll up shooting pad – Had it for about two years, loses some of it’s “slipperyness” after a bit of use, but still nice to stickhandle and shoot off, your sticks will last longer (bottom doesn’t wear away). We have a Shooting pad review if you are interested.
  • Radar Gun – I love this thing, I’ve dropped it, left it in (light) rain and hit it with pucks and it still works (although it feels like it’s really cheap so maybe I am just lucky). It doesn’t cost TOO much and it is a huge motivation to work on your shot because you can see how much you are improving. Check out my hockey radar gun review for more info.

Coach Jeremy

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