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Tips to Safely Block a Shot in Hockey

Hey guys, we are pumped for the new hockey season and will be trying our best to get videos and articles up as quickly as possible. In this video we are on the ice again and sharing tips on how to safely block a shot in hockey. Remeber that blocking a shot is always dangerous, but you can help greatly reduce your chance of injury by following the tips in the video (and the text below)

How to block a shot in Hockey – Video

In this video Ken shows the WRONG way and the right way to block a shot

More shot blocking tips from Tim Thomas hockey school
Here are some more tips that I thought were very helpful

Quick tips for blocking a shot

  • DONT’S
    • Never expose – and always protect – vulnerable areas of the body (head, face, crotch, any areas with little padding)
    • Never turn your back, remember most of the padding is at the front of your body
    • Never turn sideways, open your legs, throw your stick out, or lift your leg. Remember, you are trying to block the shot, not screen your goalie
    • Never lead with your stick, the puck can deflect off the blade and hit you right in the kisser
  • DO’S
    • Try to ensure that your entire body is covered with some type of protection. Know your vulnerable areas and remember to cover them with padding (the back of the gloves are great for covering those special areas)
    • The closer you get to the shooter the better. The closer you get the more of the net you will block, and the puck will not be able to build much speed
    • Try to remain standing as you block the shot, if you are standing and block a shot it could lead to a breakaway!
    • If you get hurt try not to squirm around on the ice for everyone to see, suck it up and get to the bench, then squirm all you want.

Thanks for reading, if you have any questions just leave them in the comment section.

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