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Daniel Sedin Stickhandling Drills – Train like a Canuck

The Vancouver Canucks have recently started a new training section on their YouTube channel. Currently there are two stickhandling videos that I wanted to share with you. These stickhandling drills are pretty easy to do at home, and they are demonstrated by Daniel Sedin!

NHL Stickhandling Drills Part 1

In this video the drills focus on stickhandling, fake shots, lots of passing and some movement with the puck. It requires a bit of equipment, but you can improvise at home.

NHL Stickhandling Drills Part 2

I think the drills in this video focus more on fundamentals. This is a great set of drills to get quick hands.

In this video they use a slideboard, but you don’t need one to do the drills. You can start doing them stationary, then do a side to side shuffle, and then crossovers.

Want a Slideboard?

If you train from home, a slideboard is a great addition and can open a lot of new movements for you. Here’s a quick clip from my HockeyShot slideboard review.

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Coach Jeremy