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Don’t Shoot the Puck!

I work with a lot of hockey players and I’m always trying to figure out common errors in their shots so they can progress as quickly as possible. A common trend I notice with players is their tendency to try to shoot the puck. This can happen with the slapshot, wristshot and snapshot.

This video will give you a simple change of belief that should help you rethink your approach to shooting. Watch the video, take some shots, and let me know how it feels!

Takeaways from the Video

  • Before the puck is released, the stick should be flexed
  • The blade should not remain flush with the puck during the shot. If you’re doing this you are “shooting the puck”
  • In each shot focus more on flexing the stick, when you can figure out how to do that, you will unlock new power in your shot
  • In order to flex the stick the shaft of the stick needs to be in front of the blade
  • Your hand position is important. Your top hand should come away from the body during the shot

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Coach Jeremy