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NHL Shot Breakdown with Lance Bouma

I had the chance to be on the ice with a couple NHL players this summer. I took the chance to record a lot of videos which I am slowly editing and will be releasing soon. A lot of the videos will be on first, as I’m helping NHL shooting coach Tim Turk create an online shooting course.

The video below is a quick clip I shot on my cell phone, but I wanted to break it down and share some insight into how a pro shoots, and hopefully it will help you improve your shot.

Takeaways from the video

  • When accepting a pass, show your blade and create a space to catch the puck.
  • Every good shot should start with a push from the legs
  • You’re creating a chain reaction, aim for explosive power
  • Create space with your hands for a powerful release
  • Open the front foot for increased power and accuracy
  • Proper arm motion in the wrist shot

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Coach Jeremy