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Hockey Tips from George Parros

In this article we have three hockey tips from George Parros of the Florida Panthers. Parros has played over 400 games in the in NHL, won a Stanley Cup with the Ducks and has a great Mustache! In the videos Parros teaches a trick shot, how to take a snapshot, and shares some tips for the forwards crossovers.

Thanks to H20 Overdrive for setting up this opportunity with George Parros, although I would have liked to see some tips geared towards his physical style of play, maybe later we can do a video with tips for intimidation and dropping the mitts.

How to take a snapshot with George Parros

In this video Parros teaches his style of the snapshot which many NHL players use. This is a great shot to use to incorporate a lot of power and a deceptive release. This snapshot is a hybrid between the full wrist shot and the quick release snapshot that I taught in another article and video.

Forward Crossover Tips with George Parros

Parros has some great tips in this video. His advice will help you make a tight turn while using crossovers but also maintain good body position and balance. Once you have mastered the forwards crossovers you can start working on your backwards crossovers

Trick Shot

In this video Parros teaches you how to pull the puck back and then flip it up in the air. If you are looking for some more trick shots you might like our video on how to do the scoopy puck move

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