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How to Backhand Topshelf Video

This is a video we made that show’s how to backhand topshelf. This backhand video has gotten some good feedback on youtube and shows a skill that too many hockey players ignore. WORK ON YOUR BACKHAND! you will score more goals. I see to many players just shovel the puck into the goalies pad because they haven’t mastered their backhand. If you really want to learn to snipe topshelf on your backhand you could read the article that we wrote to go along with this video How to backhand topshelf we also have another backhand article that is in the related articles section below.
If you can already raise your backhand then I think the biggest point that helps you get it top shelf is in the follow through. If you put a lot of power on your follow through then you will actually guide the puck right where you want it. The harder your follow through on the backhand is, the more time the puck will be on the blade of the stick, and the more time you will have to aim the puck. Check out the video for more tips

How to Put a Backhand Topshelf

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