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Learn the Quick Release from 3 different positions

At a young age a powerful shot with good accuracy will help you score a lot of goals, however the older you get and the more competitive the hockey gets the faster the game becomes. Soon a powerful and accurate shot is not enough, because if you wait to long to get the shot off you will never get a good scoring chance. This is where a quick release comes in. 

Before we get started… A little demonstration

Before I teach the quick release I want to show you an example of a quick release. The video below has all of Steven Stamkos’ goals from the 2011 season where he popped 60 goals to win the Rocket Richard trophy. How many seconds is the puck on his stick for most of the goals?

Answer: 0.1

I know Stamkos is mostly taking one-timers, however it goes to show how important it is to get the shot off when you have the opportunity.

The key to the Quick Release

A quick release means you get the puck off quickly, without much set-up. The key to this type of shot is getting the hands away from the body and using the leverage of the stick to product power. With other shots you draw the puck back, but in this shot we need to release the puck as quick as we can. Check out the video below to learn more.

This quick release method is most helpful in the snapshot however you can use the same principle to finish your shot in the wrist shot and slapshot.

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Coach Jeremy