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New Goalie Buster Training Course

Some of you know that I have been working hard to put together an in-depth training course and it is finally finished an online! The course is called the Goalie Buster because it is all about how to beat the goalie. During a game (whether competitive or just for fun) the goalie is the last thing that comes between you and a goal, and a lot of players freeze up! In the course I teach you how to figure out the goalie and know exactly what to do no matter what situation you find yourself in. After watching the videos (and lots of practice) you will have the knowledge and confidence to score goals every time you get a break! I teach over 20 moves, and when the best time to use each move is depending on how you are approaching the goalie. I also teach how to read the goalie, shooting, fakes and much more! To get a sneak peak inside the course and get an idea of what you will be learning watch the video below.

Inside the Training Course

How to Become a Member

For more information you can visit the Goalie Buster homepage

Coach Jeremy

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