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The Rink Within the Rink – Using the Markings

We’re breaking down some fundamental defensive strategies to help you play better hockey. These tips aren’t just for defensemen. Anyone who plays hockey should know how to play defense, because remember, when the other team has the puck, everyone is playing defense.

Using the Markings

Key Takeaways from the video

  • The dots can be used to break the rink into lanes. Paying attention to who is occupying which lane, and ensuring each lane is occupied can help with puck movement
  • The dots can also be used to make a rink within the rink. This is an important point for defensemen, but also forwards to understand if they (or someone else) is out of position.
  • The blueline and the circles can be used to determine when action should be taken on the attacking forwards. You don’t want to back up too far to your net otherwise the other team will have lots of space to make plys
  • The far net can give you an idea of where you are in relation to your own net
  • The hash marks are a good indicator of your distance from your net

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Coach Jeremy