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Wayne Gretzky Thanks his Dad Walter – To all the Hockey Dads

With Father’s Day coming I wanted to share this video that some of you may have seen during the Stanley Cup Finals. The video features Wayne Gretzky’s voice and a lot of great father-son video clips. Part of why I love what I do is when I hear about a dad who uses my videos and articles to help teach his son how to play.

16 months ago I was blessed with a beautiful and healthy baby boy, so for me this video really struck a chord. I look forward to creating memories with him, building his first rink, being his goalie, being his biggest fan, his first coach, and being there for him. This video is for all the hockey dads out there. Thanks for being there!

Sport Chek asked that if I share their video that I include a link to their Fathers day sale. So if you’re shopping for something for your dad, check out their sale. Maybe have a beer with him too, reflect over some hockey memories, and let him know how much those times meant.

Coach Jeremy

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