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What it takes to be a AAA hockey player

Many hockey players dream of making it to the NHL, however most of these players do not understand the amount of commitment and discipline it takes to make this dream a reality. I wanted to help players realize what it takes by asking a player who currently plays AAA hockey.
AAA hockey is the highest level of minor hockey. You don’t HAVE to play AAA to make the NHL, but playing at the AAA level certainly does help in development. Below is an article from Patrick Murphy from Patrick is a very passionate hockey player, he balances hockey with other activities, he is focused and also helps out in his community. I think he is a good example for other players to show what it takes to make a AAA hockey team.
What it takes to be a AAA hockey player – Written by Patrick Murphy
It takes hard work, a positive attitude and total commitment to be a AAA hockey player. Competing at an elite level in hockey is not easy!  It takes a total commitment on your part and support from your family too.  I have a hockey stick in my hands from morning until night, working on my stick handling and shooting skills, I also sign up for extra skating or skills sessions.  
Besides team practices, get on the ice as much as possible!  Stick time is fun and gives me a chance to work on my moves.  Power Skating classes are really important, I would finish an hour of hockey practice, take my helmet off, grab a drink, get a quick snack and hop back on the ice for another hour of power skating class.  I was exhausted, but I didn’t mind because it was more ice time.  Skating is so important to the game of hockey, so make sure you are a strong skater. 
Ever since I began playing hockey, my parents have discussed with me the 10,000 hour rule (from the book, The Outliers).  Basically, I would need to put in roughly ten thousand hours of practice to be successful in hockey.  I used to print out monthly calendars and keep track of my progress, but now I just use an app on my iPhone.  It has to be a priority, to put in the time!
The most import thing for me is to remain focused on my goals.  I set goals each season and work as hard as I can to achieve them.  Playing hockey at an elite level of AAA is an honor.  It takes dedication to remain there, the end result is worth it.
You can see from the article above that playing high level hockey isn’t about simply trying out and hoping you make the team. It takes dedication and focus. Patrick sets goals, plans out the steps needed to achieve them, and follows through.

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