Colt Hockey Stick Review

About a month ago I met with the guys from Colt Hockey to take a look at the new Colt Hockey stick. This is the stick that has been dubbed “unbreakable” (more on the later) so naturally I was very interested in doing a review! I drove to their factory in Toronto with a handful of questions and the feeling I’m sure would be similar to a kid going to a candy factory. All my questions were answered honestly, and I left with one brand new Colt Stick. I will be using this stick in nearly every video from here on out, so stay tuned for updates on it’s performance and durability.

nano steel hockey stick colt

In case you haven’t heard about the Colt Stick

Why is it so special? – It’s a one piece composite stick, with a twist. The bottom half of the stick is dipped in nano-steel – very light, yet very strong metal – which should make this stick very, very durable.

steel hockey stick

Is the Colt Stick heavy? – In relation to other sticks it’s somewhere in the middle. Their website boasts a weight of 465 grams, however on my kitchen scale at home it weighed in at 495. Most top end sticks weigh in at under 475, which puts the Colt stick in the same category as sticks in the $150-$200 price point. Colt is working to deliver a sub 460 gram stick.

how colt stick is made

What is the Balance like on the Colt? – This was a big concern to me, I thought that with the metal coating it would mess with the balance of the stick. What Colt has done is used less composite material for the bottom of the stick, and used it to reinforce the top portion, then when it is dipped the stick is balanced. I tested it at home and it has the same balance point as the Graf I used to use.

Will the Colt Hockey Stick Break?

Yes it will, it is not “unbreakable” and for good reason, that would not be safe, however it is designed to be much more durable than any other stick on the market. Check out my two reviews below for more information.

Some Detailed Info about the Colt
In this video I pass on some information I got while visiting the guys at the factory.

On Ice Colt Stick Review

In this review of the Colt stick I test out the stick on the ice and give you my overall opinion of it. I have some cool slow-mo shots and comparisons

Where to Buy the Colt

Right now it’s only available on the Colt Hockey website. If you use coupon code: HOWTOHOCKEY you will save $10!

My Overall Thoughts on the Colt Stick

Overall I liked the stick, and it will actually change the way I play now. I’m pretty frugal and usually spend less than $100 on a stick, even then I don’t like breaking them. Normally I like to get in front of the net and cause trouble, however the other team does not like this and I get too many hacks to my stick, so being frugal I tend to float around the perimeter. I can’t afford having some tool chop my stick in half! Well, that’s going to change. I’m going to try to get these guys to slash my stick, and then laugh when theirs explodes!

colt hocky stickColt Hockey Stick Specs and my opinion on the feel

Performance – The performance of the stick is good, but not outstanding. I would relate it to the feel of a mid-level stick.

Flex – I got the 75 flex stick, and I’m glad I did. On the ice it felt more like an 85. Testing with slow-mo revealed similar flex to my 85 flex stick, so if you like a really whippy stick you might have to wait until the next gen Colt.

Weight – The weight of my stick was 495 grams. It’s light, but obviously not the lightest on the market.

Curve – I got the Sakic style curve and liked it, my accuracy and shots were spot on.

Balance – The balance of the stick was great, mentally you expect the stick to be blade heavy, however with my tests it was the same balance as my regular sticks

Durability – While this is something I can only test with time, this is where the Colt should be leaps and bounds ahead of every other stick. I will report back later.

Price – The Colt is not cheap, but also not the most expensive twig on the market. It currently retails for $269 but with Colt Hockey coupon code HOWTOHOCKEY you will save $10

Recommendations – I would recommend the stick to guys who take a lot of slashes, like to play in the corners and in front of the net, and want a stick that will last.

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  1. Reply Orlando Saavedra December 26, 2015 at 3:17 pm

    I bought my son a colt 2 and with in 4 games the coating started peeling off and the blade cracked what a poor product this is a 130 pound high school player he was so proud of this stick what a disappoint

  2. Reply keith January 21, 2015 at 9:13 pm

    I love to watch ur videos Jeremy and i have gotten
    really good just by doing what u say in the
    videos and i always look at the stick and hand movment
    and thank you for putting the videos up and i hope to learn more

  3. Reply Spence July 29, 2014 at 12:40 pm

    Is it legal to use the colt hockey stick in high school? I am wondering because of the metal part.

  4. Reply Joseph Bruyere July 17, 2014 at 4:37 pm

    Hi Jeremy, I’ve been playing hockey for well over 52 yrs. I recently started trainning at Peak Fitness Academy in Kanata Ontario. All my trainning is geared for hockey fitness , strenght and conditioning. Lost some weight and improving everyday. After a couple of months I will be hockey skills, skating drills and anuthing else related to hockey. I now play 3 times a week 1 hour – 20minutes at the time. I play right wing and right defence.
    At near 63 yrs old. I am really enjoying life and especially hockey. I play all year round with younger and older players. I like quick shifts 40sec to a minute or so. Most guys I play with over do the time on ice and flagg out halfway through the game. I enjoy a fast pace game. I dont skate for nothing. I let the puck do it’s thing. No and again I do the Bobby Orr end to end skate . Always looking for that quick pass to a trailer. Antway Jeremy I like all of your videos and will study all of them religiously. When my trainning kicks in at a higher level. I want to start an elite over 60 + team for tournaments and fund raising, maybe playing x-NHL’ers. Hope to meet with you someday.
    Wish you the very best. Joseph B.

    • Reply Jeremy Rupke July 26, 2014 at 4:57 pm

      Hey Joseph that sounds amazing, you are an inspiration to older hockey players! Would you be interested in writing a little about your training, how hockey affects your life, and your dream of starting a competitive over 60 team? I can post it on my website.

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