How To Hockey

How to Hit properly

Hitting has always, and will always be an intergeral part of hockey. It is an element of the game that will alwyas be criticied by many and praised by, well just as many.
Knowing how to properly check other players as well as when to check  and when not to  is what many people have forgotten. Hitting is not what the game is about, to many kids think that they need to destroy or demolish a player for it to be a good hit. a good hit does two things:
Gets you the puck- Huge hits where both players go sprawling across the ice, their is a time for them but the main goal of the contact with the other player is to come out with the puck.  Alot of the veteran defensmen in the NHL don’t have bone crushing hits they simply rub the forwards out, take the puck and make the plays.
gives you a moments advantage- if you do a proper hit you will get the puck and will either be in front of the person you have contacted with or they will be on the ice and you will be standing. This effectivly gives your team a moments powerplay, someon somwhere will be open until that player gets back in the game.
Shoulder hits –
shoulder hits are a great open ice and board checks.
Boards- keep your knees bent as as you make contact with the other player aim your shoulder for the center of their Chest , just about at the bottom of their rib cage now once you make contact start lifint up with your knees while pushing into their chest with you shoulder this up and over motion will cause the player to loose balance and will allow you to stay on you skates and continue on with the puck.
Open ice- same openeing keep you knees bent and follow through aiming at the center of their chest, maker sure you low with you shoulder as that is where all your engery will come from also remeber with all hits make sure you stop skating 3 feet before your target or it will be easy for the ref to call a charging or roughing against you.

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