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How To Make A Weighted Hockey Stick

Many hockey players are looking for new ways to improve their stickhandling. One stickhandling tip that I found REALLY helps is using a weighted hockey stick. There are a lot of products on the market like hockey stick weights, and even just plain heavy hockey sticks, but I found a great way to make your own weighted hockey stick with a few things around the house (or stuff you can get at garage sales)
This is a trick that Pavel Datsyuk used when he was younger and I bet a handful of other NHL hockey players have used this stickhandling trick as well. Before I go into any more detail, I will show you how to make your own weighted hockey stick.

What you Needwhat you need to make a weighted hockey stick

In order to make your own weighted hockey stick you will need an old hockey stick, some hockey tape, two hockey pucks, and a dumbell.
Start by taking the two hockey pucks and put them on either side of the hockey stick (a hockey stick sandwhich!)
You want the pucks a few inches above where the blade meets the shaft. The reason you want to do this is to stop the dumbell from sliding all the way down the shaft and interfering with your stickhandling.
Put a good amount of hockey tape around the pucks, and especially around the bottom of the pucks, so that the pucks do not slide down your shaft.
Now all you need to do is grab the dumbell and slide it down the shaft of the stick. There you go, you have just made your own weighted hockey stick, now of course you are going to want to use it. I have heard of a lot of pro hockey players who have done this, and I noticed a HUGE difference after a few weeks of using a weighted stick.
I have made a video with some drills you can do and also written an article. I hope this helps you with your stickhandling, check out my weighted hockey stick drills article to see what the benefits of using a weighted hockey stick are!
Here is a video I made that shows how to make a weighted hockey stick, in case you don’t like to read!

Weighted Hockey Stick Video

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