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How to Pass the Puck – Hockey passing tips

We haven’t talked much about passing here on How To Hockey in the past, so I thought a mini series on passing would be a good topic to cover. In the videos below I cover how to give a pass, and how to get a pass. I pass on some simple tips that will make you much more consistent on the ice.

Tips for giving passes

Common problems when giving passes

  • Puck wont lay flat on the ice
  • Bad accuracy
  • weak passes (not much power)

Tips for giving passes

  • Cup the puck – This keeps the puck flat on the ice
  • Have your top hand out – This allows you to cup the puck, and get more power on your pass
  • When giving the pass, roll your wrists to keep the blade closed so the puck doesn’t flip up
  • Keep the blade low (don’t lift it) and the puck should stay flat on the ice
  • Pass to where the player is going

Tips for getting passes

Common Problems when receiving passes

  • The puck bounces off the blade
  • Puck goes under the the blade
  • Just can’t get the pass

How to get more passes

  • First you have to get open, then give the player with the puck a target so they know you’re open
  • When the puck is coming your way, get your blade square to the puck and put a little weight on the stick with your bottom hand so the puck doesn’t bounce off
  • Meet the puck with the blade, then cushion it a bit. This lets you time the catch a little better and reduces your chance of missing the puck.
  • Practice getting bad passes behind you, with your feet, far in front and out of the air. The more bad passes you can get and control, the more scoring you’ll get

If you’re looking for more tips on passing check out an article and video on how to saucer pass. You can also follow us on Instagram, Facebook, or subscribe by email. Just look for How To Hockey

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