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How to Skate Backwards

Skating backwards is a challenging skill for anyone to learn. The feeling of moving backwards is not natural at first, but with some practice and determination you will get the hang of it. In this article we have two videos for you to help you learn how to skate backwards.

This video is a part of our how to skate series that we have put together to help anyone learn how to skate for hockey!

How to Skate Backwards for Beginners

In this video we give you a simple lesson on how to start skating backwards. We also share a good drill to get used to your balance and the feeling of moving backwards.

How to Skate Backwards, tips, common mistakes, and Backwards starts

In this video we have guest instructor Scott Grover teaching you how to skate backwards. Scott gives you some simple tips to get used to the feeling, and then we go into more detail, we talk about common mistakes, and also cover how to get speed with backwards crossover starts. After you master this you will probably want to move on to backwards crossovers

Quick Tips for skating backwardsskating-backwards

  • Start with getting used to the feeling. Get comfortable and balanced against the boards and give yourself a push backwards, then glide to get the feeling.
  • Now start by getting in a good balanced stance and take some baby steps backwards. Little steps are fine to start to help you get your balance
  • To work on your stride start with C-cuts, but remember the C should be actually like a tear drop, you want the heel of your skates to always be pointing down the ice. If you do an actual C it can negatively effect your backwards stride
  • Don’t worry if you fall over, just get up and keep trying!

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