How To Hockey

My Mic’d up 4 year old going viral!

When I shot this video, I thought it would be a cute video, hockey players would love it, hockey parents would smile… I didn’t expect this!

Within a day of uploading the Twitter video had over 1 million views, my inbox was full and the Youtube video was over 100 000k views. Today we’re at over 3 million views on Twitter and Youtube with no signs of slowing down and I’ve done more interviews than I can count!

Why I love the video

You might think I love it because of all the views, sure that’s nice, but what I really love is the feedback, the comments, the overwhelming positivity joy and happiness people are experiencing and sharing. My goal from the very start was to help people enjoy the best game in the world, and to share my love of hockey. To see that same love for hockey in Mason, and that love resonating in the comments across the globe has been a truly touching experience.

Thank you for all your kind words online! You can follow us on Instagram and Twitter @howtohockey I’ll see you in the next video!

Coach Jeremy