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SUMMARY 5 Tips to be a better goal scorer

5 Tip to Help You Score More Goals

I have written this summary of my article to help hockey players score more goals. Every hockey player, parent and coach loves to see goals scored! I hope this brief version will help you score more goals in Hockey, visit my Hockey Tips site to see a more detailed version and more hockey tips, drills, videos and more

  • Shoot the Puck
    • If you look at the all time stats from the NHL you will see ten out of ten of the players with the most shots, also ALL have more than 600 goals. In the words of Wayne Gretzky, the highest goal scorer of all time. “You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take” So do not give up a chance of scoring a goal in an attempt to score a “prettier” goal. Shoot the puck, and maybe one of your team mate will pop in the rebound if you miss
  • Be Creative
    • You don’t always have to go top shelf, try shooting low,  faking a shot, shoot five hole or deking. If you shoot for the same spot every time the goalie will stop you every time!
  • Know the Goalie
    • If you can watch the goalie in the warm up then you can get a good idea of where the goalies weaknesses are. Once you find the goaltenders weak spots (places he has trouble stopping the puck) then you will know where to shoot and score more goals. You can even tell everyone on your team so they can score easier.
  • Read Your Players
    • Knowing your fellow line mates is a great way to score more goals. If you know how your team mates play, you will know where to be on the ice to get a pass, when to rush the net and when to hang back. This will help you and your team mates set up more plays and score more goals.
  • Don’t Telegraph Your Shot
    • Goalies are well trained, highly tuned puck stopping machines. Any hint you give them that you are going to shoot will give them that much more time to react and stop your shot. Some hints that you are going to shoot include stick handling with the puck in front of you, and then moving it to your shooting side when you are going to shoot, looking right where you are going to shoot (it’s good to take a peak, but don’t make it really obvious) and breaking your stride.

I hope these tips will help you score more goals in hockey. Keep an eye out for my next article called – 5 Traits Every Pure Goal Scorer Possesses. If you would like to get more articles like this when I post them you can enter your email address in the box to the left of my Hockey Tips blog. You will get tips like this sent right to your inbox whenever they are posted on my site.

Coach Jeremy

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