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Green Biscuit Alien Review

The Green Biscuit Alien is the newest training puck in the Green Biscuit lineup. This one probably has the coolest feature, in that it lights up! This means you can still throw that sauce, even when the sun has gone down. Check out our video below for full details, if you want to pick one up we have links below.

Key Features

  • Long lasting LED lights illuminate when the puck is in use
  • Slides amazingly on almost any surface (just like the original Green Biscuit)
  • From our tests the design looks very sturdy, this puck should last!

Full Review

Green Biscuit alien price and where to buy

If you are going to buy the Alien, I recommend also getting the regular GB as well it’s by far my favourite off-ice training puck. Check out our review here.

Coach Jeremy

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