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Super Shooter Review – A Net for Serious Training

The biggest piece of advice you will get from any coach when it comes to shooting is “Shoot a lot of pucks”. Most coaches will recommend to take 100 shots a day, some recommend more, but the general consensus is that in order to improve you need to get A LOT of shots in.

This makes sense from a scientific standpoint, because muscles have muscle memory. In order to train your body to perform an action consistently and well, you must repeat the motion over and over until you can perform it automatically. In order to allow hockey players to take hundreds of shots in a quick period of time, the Super Shooter was invented.

More than just a shot trainer

After training on this net I quickly realized that it can help improve much more than your shot. I found the following benefits.

  • super-shooter-netAccuracy
  • Power
  • More time spent shooting because it’s fun
  • Hand eye co-ordination from catching pucks with the stick when they are returned
  • Quick release
  • Receiving a pass
  • Being prepared for a rebound
  • Mentally rewards the player each time the target is hit (the puck comes back)

Video Review and Shots

Pro’s and Con’s

Benefits – It works great and is fun and can improve a number of skills. It is also very durable and made to withstand 100’s of thousands of shots. It would be a great addition to a training rink or private training centre, or even a AAA organization to use at stations.

Downfall – The obvious downside is the price. At $3500 the Super Shooter has a steep entry point. This makes the product expensive for personal use, however if we look at the benefits that an entire organization could gain from having this handy for any practice or training time the price may be justified.

Another downfall may be with younger players who don’t have good accuracy and power. The puck may not come out every time when they hit the target. However, this could also be a benefit as this will motivate them to improve so the puck will come out the other side.

Want to buy one?

If you are interested in the Super Shooter 2 please visit the Super Shooter 2 Website


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